Friday, October 23, 2009

Operation Christmas Child

It is almost time for the Operation Christmas Child shoebox program. My kids love this every year and look forward to it. This is a really fun hands-on charity for kids. We start collecting things in the middle of the summer. This year we made our boxes early, because I knew we had several hospital trips and doctor appointments in the next few weeks that could cause illness in our family. We wanted to make sure that the boxes were ready in case we are faced with the flu or something else.
This year is really neat because Operation Christmas Child has some new features. They have fun "about me" sheets that you can fill out and put in your box. The kids really hope that they will get a letter back this year from someone. Also, if you pay online for the shipping of your box with EZ Pay, then you will get a tracking number and see where in the world your box ends up. Very cool! As always, you can still watch the boxes being delivered (although not your particular box). We plan on doing this via the Internet on Christmas Day with the kids. It is good for them to see firsthand how VERY, VERY blessed they are as children here in America.

They made five boxes this year, and we look forward to November 16-23 for mailing them.

Another blog I really enjoy about a homeschool family of 14 who are missionaries in Mexico is doing a shoebox mission of their own this year. If we have time, we may join in their box project as well. Go visit the 
Lockwood's if you want to see more boxes.

For those of you who know that we are at Ronald McDonald House right now, Timothy is doing well and we will be going home tomorrow. They figured out the problem that we have been worrying about with his heart and it has now been resolved. His pacemaker is still working well, too.
Blessings, Dawn


  1. We love doing this too. Your boxes are wonderful!

  2. Praying for you all that no one gets sick in the next few weeks!!!

    The boxes are a great idea and alot of fun. We haven't done them in years because they didn't do them when we were in Japan. I look forward to doing it this year.



  3. Thanks for the tracking info. I will look nto that. We picked up our box at Church this week. It is such a good way to teach your children about giving. Their boxes are beautiful!

    Because of Jesus, Bobbie

  4. I like this project! I want to do something like that with my kids. I'd better get busy and see if there is anything like that around here.