Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Trees ~ Outdoor Challenge

We have enjoyed several nature walks around the neighborhood, collecting leaves and observing the change in season. We found an Oak tree as our tree to follow for a year and watch all the changes it goes through.

While taking our nature walks, we found this book to be particularly good for early readers.  It is easy to use to identify common trees. 

Here are some interesting shots that our children took of the neighborhood foliage.

The kids thought this bark looked like a face!

Tom Sawyer misplaced the adult tree identification book, so we cannot identify these strange pods. Hopefully, we will identify them soon. In the meantime, anybody out there know what this is?

Tom Sawyer insisted on stopping every few feet and drawing anything that was NOT a tree. Here he is drawing a picture of a stick. He is our budding artist, after all. 

The kids have been complaining that we have not decorated for fall. So we took the leaves back to our house and did crafts with them. We did the traditional crayon rubbings and pressing leaves between wax paper. 
While we were at it,  we made a table centerpiece with fabric leaves, pumpkins, and apples.
And decorated our own home-grown pumpkin that weighed in at 68 pounds !!
Blessings, Dawn


  1. 68 pounds! That is a whopper of a pumpkin.

    This was a great nature study week for your family. I love all the things that you did, jumping off from the challenge.

    Thanks so much for sharing your entry.

    Barb-Harmony Art Mom

  2. Loved the tree study. Especially the picture of your son drawing on the sidewalk.


  3. Honey, These are Catalpa Trees. In England, they are called Indian Bean Trees but in the US they are often called Cigar Trees. The dried pod can actually be smoked and used to be a prized "cigar". Also, children used to use the seed pods as swords. The tree has huge heart-shaped leaves and in the spring blossoms with lovely white flowers. Love, Mom

  4. I love all your decorations. And I think it is wonderful that your son looks beyond the topic to study. Looks like you guys are having a great time with your Nature Studies.

    BTW... pass on thanks to your mom for the info about the tree with the beans. Very interesting.

  5. Hi Dawn I think your tree is a Catalpa Tree.

    Your pumpkin is very adorable!!!! So cute!

  6. What a big pumpkin! Love reading about your nature studies (we have the same book). My boys have been loving going on them lately and I need to make it a habit to do more regularly. Your posts encourage me!