Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Glimpse of Our Week

Wow! This week has flown by. With all of the distractions the house is presenting right now, plus a flood in the basement and dear Goldilocks having a major meltdown and needing to leave home for a 2 day respite with her one-on-one therapeutic worker, the week had its downs. Still, we got loads of living and learning done. So here is some glimpses of our week, in no particular order.

Apple pie making and tasting ...

A dreamed for and saved for first violin. Little Red Riding Hood saved up her allowance and bought it herself. This is the Strike a Chord violin, and it is much nicer than I expected. It plays 18 classical songs that the child can listen to and then play by rubbing the bow across the violin. It plays the song at the speed of the child's bowing. It also can be turned off for the child to just play the scales. Very cool! (Notice the paint in little one's hair)

Writing on the wall, literally. This counts for handwriting and spelling, right?

A nature walk to see the latest flood. This park is less than a mile from our home. Our city is in the process of doing a wonderful job of turning much of the flood zone into wetland parks. There is a little bit of everything for everybody ~ playgrounds, picnic areas, hockey and volleyball courts, walking trails, dog park, nature trails, decks over the river to fish from and much more in the works. When the river leaves her banks, the park fills with water and there is minimal loss and damages.

Goldilocks returned home much happier and calmer ~ ready to be a family member once again. The kids are working on creating an arctic book, using their Draw Write Now book #4.

Lunch out and play date with some friends ...

and tea time, painting walls, chores, reading lessons, painting walls, furniture moving, movie watching and painting walls. Just a few more hours of painting and I should be in the clear ... at least with painting the walls, that is ~ lots of furniture to still refinish and paint for Little Red Riding Hood's Christmas gift .

Blessings, Dawn


  1. Looks like a full week! Glad the time away did little girl some good. That had to be so hard on you!

    I loved the writing on the wall....definitely counts for spelling and writing!

    Always enjoy seeing what you are doing in school.


  2. You are right about living and learning. Your children are learning great life skills during this time!!!

    I think painting letters on walls for SURE can count as writing and spelling!! We have family members who have made a whole wall into a whiteboard with erasable markers -so that their children always have a 'wall' surface they can write on. My children love visiting.

    Thanks for sharing the progress and the paint in the hair ;)

  3. Sounds like a lot of challenges for you all; will pray.