Friday, November 27, 2009

Preparing for Advent

Last year we started a new family tradition for Advent. We count down the days to Christmas by unwrapping one of our Christmas books and reading it before bedtime. We also do a small activity that is related to the book. This year's line up is as follows:   
  1. The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey -- Put up our Nativity
  2. An Ellis Island Christmas -- Bring one favorite stuffed animal/doll to story time
  3. Christmas Tapestry -- Look at and do some repairs to my childhood quilt with kids
  4. Grandfather's Christmas Camp -- Have hot chocolate with crackers
  5. The Crippled Lamb -- Talk about what makes each of us special and unique
  6. Christmas in the Trenches -- Listen to songs by John McCutcheon
  7. Too Many Tamales -- Eat Mexican food, maybe some Tamales?
  8. The Animals' Christmas Carol -- Put out birdseed treats for wild animals
  9. The Biggest Snowman Ever -- Make snowmen out of marshmallows and eat them
  10. One Winter's Night -- Attend the live performance of Return to Bethlehem at a local church
  11. The Chanakkah Guest -- Have a Jewish meal and play a Jewish game
  12. Gingerbread Baby -- Eat gluten-free gingerbread while Daddy reads
  13. Jingle the Christmas Clown -- Make star cookies for the neighbors
  14. The Christmas Day Kitten -- Wrap up cat treats for Grandma's cat
  15. The Dog Who Found Christmas -- Wrap up dog treats for our dog
  16. The Legend of the Poinsettia -- Make Poinsettia ornament
  17. All Is Well -- Collect a box of give-away for Goodwill
  18. Woodland Christmas -- Sing the 12 days of Christmas
  19. The Steadfast Tin Soldier -- Eat biscuits with a small toy baked into them
  20. Merry Christmas Strega Nona -- Eat late night pizza
  21. Silver Packages -- Wrap sibling's gifts
  22. Drummer Boy -- Play music together
  23. The Christmas Candle -- Read the story by candle light
  24. The Christmas Story -- Go to church

We place the Advent books under the tree. The kids will have fun taking them out each day and then doing the little activity. I have numbered the packages to correspond with the day.

Blessings, Dawn



  1. That is such an awesome idea. You guys will be having Christmas fun the entire month.



  2. You've got some lovely ideas listed there!

    I'll have to check with the library to see if they have some of the books! Thanks for the ideas.

    Stephanie (of olm)

  3. I love this idea!

    The science museum pictured on my blog today was Catawba Science Center in Hickory.

  4. I totally love your plan. We do something a little like that but we have one book filled with Christmas stories that we read each day.

    I know I've said this before, but you always have the very best isdeas.