Sunday, November 1, 2009

Parents' New Closet and Construction Continues

We keep moving on in construction. Since I last posted pictures, insulation and drywall have gone up. Also, the siding men have started putting new siding around the upper part of the house. We decided to do the whole upper part of the house since the old aluminum siding was really, really old and had become a yucky faded color. I think it was called by one of the men "yellow-limey algae slime" LOL!!

The really big news is that Tom Sawyer gets the new room!! He is so excited. Timothy was given first choice because he is the oldest but decided it felt too small to him. It is probably the smallest room (or at least feels like it with the attic like design). Because we live in a Dutch Colonial and this room is on the second floor, the Dutch Colonial roof was extended and thus the garret walls. Tim will move to what is currently the master bedroom, and we will move back to the master (which most recently has been Tom Sawyer's and Little Red Riding Hood's). Little Red Riding Hood will move to Timothy's current room and Goldilocks will stay put in her current room. Are you confused yet?! BOY, do we have a lot of painting to do in the next few weeks.

The sanding part of the drywall starts sometime this week.  Everyone says this is the really bad part of construction because of the dust. We will have to be very careful with our asthmatic children.

The new color of our siding is called bananas (kinda like us, ya know). The contractor was a little concerned that it might be too yellow. We love it, though. With our 1931 home, we wanted the historic yellow that you find on homes in our area and this one matches up great. I will have to try to get a picture of it in the sunshine.

In other news .... We are trying to make this rotation of four bedrooms less insane by doing a little bit each week. We are getting far enough along to start moving things around. Since we (the parents) are going back to the master, we decided to start working on the walk-in closet. When we started this weekend, it was a clean slate with only two wooden shelves up high. The teddy bear border around the ceiling was from when the closet was Little Red Riding Hood's nursery! (I've kept the border for sentimental reasons.) It was really important to us to redo this closet for less than $100 but have it look nice and be functional.

Along the far wall we put in a pressure pole that was laying around in someone's closet not being used. The pole will hold clothes that the children have grown out of and are waiting to go to consignment sales. It also holds long-term storage clothes (like my wedding dress), which is tucked back in the corner out of sight. The top self holds photo albums and the kids' baby boxes and books. You can also see that we have loads of winter coats and snow pants. Yes, I know we live in North Carolina, but my Northern roots get in the way sometimes, and I am just sure it could snow for real anytime now.

Underneath the consignment pole is all of the kids' clothes that do not fit them yet and unmarked boxes holding future gifts.

Towards the front of the closet are our clothes and shoes. Also, we have a box of Christmas books and wrapping paper.

Total cost for the closet redo ~
$6 for the shoe rack with coupon
$40 for the storage boxes
$12 for the rack and hardware

Blessings, Dawn


  1. Wow, I just went back to see when this started. I think you need a new "house remodel" category. I bet the kids are learning a lot. Are you doing a construction unit? How exciting!



  2. I love seeing your remodeling progress. I absolutely adore your house.

    About the N.C. Zoo. It is still quite a walk. Since we're close and have season passes, we don't make ourselves nuts saying that we've GOT to see everything on one visit.But, we did manage to see most of it last time. They have definitely made some great improvements in the last 10 years. However, in the Africa side there are some animals that can be hard to see depending on where they are. (rhinos and antelopes especially.) A lot of things that they've added are not animals, but almost museum like exhibits. There are a couple of buildings at the chimp exhibit as well as the elephant area with a lot of info. They've also added that great playground where I took the picture of my son on the spider web. It's all a garden them with vines and gourds to climb on. There's a kid zone that we didn't even visit this time that has a lot of hands on stuff for kids. It also was just really good weather for the animals to be active. Going in the summer is bad because it's so hot. Most of the animals are just lying there asleep. This time most of the animals were awake. (Even the lions sort of!) If you've got a WNC Nature Center pass you can get in free.

  3. Great job! Your closet looks so neat and organized and decluttered!!! I need your inspiration to strike my house!