Friday, December 18, 2009

Now, this is more like it!

Woo whoo! My northern blood is doing the happy dance! It is snowing like crazy outside. About an hour ago, we measured 9 inches of snow in our backyard! This is AMAZING for our area! 

The meteorologist says we may get up to 12 inches! There is also snow forecasted for most of next week, including Christmas Eve. Dare I wish for a White Christmas?!? If the snow keeps up for much longer, it will be more snow than I have seen in 10 years, which is when we moved to this area. 

The kids rushed through their schoolwork and chores this morning so that they could get outside right after lunch. I would like to say that they had a great time in the snow. However, there were many tears out of Goldilocks. She cried and cried about how cold the snow was, that the snow touched her and about how she didn't have the sled she wanted, and on and on. After about 10 minutes of melting down, she got used to the idea and started having fun. There was enough snow for real sledding and to make two tiny snowmen. At the time we went out, there was about 2 inches.

The girls had loads of fun making snowmen. 

Everyone loved sledding!  I even got in a few runs.

Of course, Tom Sawyer had to eat just a little bit of snow!

They finished off their time with a good old snowball fight, which caused more tears! Sigh...

We went out one more time when Daddy got home. By that time, there was about 6 inches. The sledding wasn't as good, but the snowball fights were great, with no tears this time.

The one downside to this storm is the effect it is having on our Southern Magnolia tree. It is dropping lots of branches because of the weight of the snow. It is considered one of the historic trees in our city because of its height and girth, and I am afraid we may need to get an arborist to take care of it when all is said and done. Several of the branches hit the minivan, but no damage done. 

Blessings, Dawn


  1. We only have 2", but my kids are acting as if there's 12! As for me - I could be whisked away to Florida anytime now with no complaints! :o)


  2. What fun! We're just getting the snow now, and the children loved looking at your pictures and can't wait to pull out their sleds.

    I hope someone can help your poor magnolia tree!

    Enjoy the snow today! :)


  3. Wow! My children are jealous. It snowed heavily for about 15 minutes here. Then everything melted, and now we have yucky, dreary rain that supposed to freeze overnight.

  4. What fun! None of ours stuck. Then we got a lot of rain. Friends just 30 min north got much better snow than we did. Maybe next time!

    Enjoy the beautiful white snow and I hope there are no more tears.

    Thanks for your hugs, prayers and understanding friend! I'm thankful for you.



  5. Ohhh, too bad about the tears and tree.



  6. OH, that poor beautiful tree! Where we live now everyone told us that we don't get snow, or very little of it. We did only get about an inch, but it was neat to see and we are expecting more. Not as much as you though! I'm glad your family had so much fun in it!

  7. Lots of white fun!


  8. They look like they're having a blast!

    I'm not into snow; we don't get out to enjoy it at all. Something about autie kiddos not wanting to keep their gloves & other gear