Friday, September 3, 2010

The Legend of The Indian Paintbrush ... FIAR

We rowed through The Legend of The Indian Paintbrush this week.  The kids really enjoyed this book and loved the activities we did around it.

We learned about pictographs and made up some of our own sentences using them.  We also built a Plains Indians village.  This was really fun and also an easy kit! The kids even painted a flat piece of cardboard for the scenery.  This set has already provided some great play time.  The kids have their own characters and are developing a story to go along with them.

We also made sunsets using crayons and then painting over them with watercolors.  Below is Little Red Ridinghood's sunset.

Our field trip with our FIAR group was to a great ceramics place called Fired Up!  We only had 8 kids this time.  The kids picked their ceramic pieces and then their colors.  Everyone really enjoyed painting them.  Tom Sawyer was proud of his work and maintained himself the whole time. Even though he still insists that he will be an artist when he's grown, sometimes art can be very stressful for him because he is such a perfectionist.

We had a great time as always.




  1. Awesome week! Love all the activity. Makes me wish mine were younger again.

  2. Great pictures! And I especially love the one at the top of your blog. Looks like you are off to a good start.

  3. Sounds like a fun week! So glad you are able to continue on the field trips with your FIAR group.