Monday, September 20, 2010

Trip Day One ... Monticello

This past week we travelled to Washington, D.C., to see our family, as only my Mom lives near us.  On the way, we decided to stop at Thomas Jefferson's home.  It was a perfect, sunny day with gentle breezes.  We were given the homeschool discount, which was a significant savings.

The sun was in our eyes so the kids were not very photogenic in this picture.

The house tour was great.  Unfortunately, the children's tour was no longer being given since kids are supposed to have returned to school by this time of year ~ Gasp!  However, our tour guide did his best to keep our children engaged and pointed out interesting things to them.  After the tour, we walked through the gardens.  Thomas Jefferson loved farming almost as much as books, I think.  The gardens were lovely and producing all sorts of foods that I have never seen growing.

Did you see the garden house off in the distance in the last photo?  I wouldn't mind having one of those...LOL! I wouldn't mind the view either.  When we were standing inside the garden house, it was easy to imagine Thomas Jefferson thinking about his seed collection and eagerly anticipating the harvest.

Next, we went to the children's discovery room. What an excellent addition to Monticello. This room did not exist when I visited as a child. Everything was hands-on, and the kids were able to interact with many replicas of Thomas Jefferson's things.  In the bedroom corner, the kids got to write with a "polygraph" which makes an exact copy while you are writing a letter.

The girls spent some time in the log cabin. I believe this was slave quarters. I was not really paying attention, because I was too busy drooling over the large collection of Thomas Jefferson picture books.

What happens when you tell children that have been in the car for five hours that it is time to get back in the car for two more? They take a really pitiful picture with Thomas Jefferson....

More on our trip to be continued ...




  1. I really want to take the kids there... Looks like you all had a great time!!!
    Blessings, Lisa W.

  2. Oh, Dawn, I love it! I have this vision to take our family down the east coast area to see some of those early historical landmarks--Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, Mount Vernon, Monticello, and a number of other monuments in our nation's capitol.

  3. I want to go there! I had hoped we could go later this month on our way back from Mt Vernon. My oldest has just joined the football team though so we don't have free Saturdays anymore. Oh well, another time!

    Hugs to you,

  4. Oh no! How sad the children's tour wasn't available. I just recommended it to someone who asked on my blog yesterday. I really prefer that one over the regular tour, even now. We haven't done the museum yet. That will make a good cold or rainy weather trip. I'm trying to remember the movie. I don't know how engaged it would have kept your kids. The CW Thomas Jefferson was in it.

  5. I love Monticello! I didn't know they had a children's discovery room! I think it's time to plan a trip...

    I had to laugh at Tom Sawyer's with the face paint (even though I know it's not funny!) because his expression and posture are exactly like Jordan's would be if he had to endure face paint! Tom Sawyer did a great job for the picture, though!