Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Day in the Life ~ September Edition

Welcome to another edition of a day in the life of our homeschool.  Today we all woke up late and tired.  We spent many hours at a doctor's appointment yesterday to deal with ds' allergies and diet.  While there, I let them watch a movie that really scared them.  It was called, Mars Needs Moms.  The kids insisted on sleeping with me (actually, on top of me!) and poor Tom Sawyer's last words as he fell asleep were, "Please don't die, Mommy".  My poor boy.  We were a tired bunch this morning and did not really do anything but sit around until the hot tea soaked into our bones and brains.  The theme this week is science, and we are continuing our study of geology from last month.

8:30 am ~ We were finally ready to face the day and got our morning chores done.  Since our washer has been broken for about six weeks now, we made plans to go to a neighbor's home to do a load of wash.  Thanks to the generosity of neighbors, my mother and a cheap nearby laundromat, we have not suffered too badly during this season.  If nothing goes wrong in the next week or so, we hope to have the money to replace the water pump in the washer.

9:00 am ~ We did a load of laundry at our neighbor's house while I read a chapter from Mary Poppins to the children (Literature).  We also did our math work (Math), while at the neighbors waiting on the washer.

This is one of my favorite stories.  I bought the mug as my souvenir from Disney World.

10:00 am ~  We returned home.  The kids and I set up our science experiment.  We are trying to grow stalagmites and stalactites (Science).  The kids did a cavern crossword puzzle and worked on a second draft of their reports about our Monday field trip (Language Arts and Science).  (I'll tell about Monday's field trip to a cave in a later blog.)  They also did an Explode the Code page (Language Arts).

11:00 am ~ We arrived at a doctor appointment for Little Red Ridinghood.  She broke her pinky finger last week.  This is her first medical experience beyond the normal check-up.  She also broke my 21 year record of being a Mother without any broken bones!  Who would have guessed the first broken bone would come from my calmest child, who fell off a chair?

Here she is getting another x-ray to make sure everything is healing. She had to have her nail removed, and it is very painful. 

12:30 pm ~ We got back home again.  We had lunch and had a one hour break.  I checked email and blogs.  The kids played on the Wii and played chess.  Chess has become the new addiction around our home.  The kids are playing several games every day.  Timothy is busy teaching the girls all of the rules.  Tom Sawyer has been playing with Timothy for about two years.

2:00 pm ~ While Timothy was making grain-free dog food for Boomer (yes, we even have a dog with food allergies), the kids and I opened up a very special package from Salt Lake City, Utah.  It was one of our Flat Stanleys!!!  The kids were so excited to see him return.  The family that hosted him did an awesome job!!!  They sent back a really cool book with tons of pictures of his adventures.  The kids were really overjoyed and the timing is perfect.  Their Grandfather will be visiting from Salt Lake City in just 10 days.  I was most awestruck by the thought of a five story library with a floor just for the children's section.  Oh, Stephanie, I could spend days in a place like that!  We did a page for Utah in our States Notebook (Geography).

3:15 pm ~  We had to hurry out of the house to make it to the new weekly library program geared toward 6 to 12 year olds.  It was designed for homeschoolers but is open to the public.  Since it starts just a few minutes after most schools let out, it was mostly attended by homeschoolers.  I must say, I was really impressed with this program!  I think we will try to get to it as many times as we can.  The theme this week was Bubbles.  They heard bubble poetry (Literature),  saw a bubble demostration, learned the science behind bubbles (Science), made bubble art (Art) and played with bubbles for a long time. 

5:00 pm ~ We returned home to make dinner and get Timothy off to his fencing class.  The kids spent the evening making creations out of cardboard with Daddy and playing with the neighborhood kids on the trampoline.

The end of another fantastic day.



  1. Hello! What a lovely day.
    I cannot wait to see how your rocks turn out...we will be doing that very soon. We are also growing crystals.
    I love painting with bubbles! It makes great stationary and gift wrap. My kids still love doing this activity.
    Hope your washer is fixed very soon! Have a blessed week!

  2. You are so special--even the dog has allergies. HA HA! Who else could speak life and health into such a diverse household, and I am just blessed to be able to read about your ministry.

    I'm glad you're enjoying the library program. One of my frustrations with having kids with so many different needs is that my elementary schooler doesn't get to take advantage of as many of those educational programs as the older two did when they were smaller. I keep thinking that I have to fix that, and to some extent, I have, but I get lazy in looking for opportunities. I also respect season, and right now, my season is two high schoolers, one leaving within a couple of years.

    Continued blessings, lady, in all that you do! By the way, know that I have been lifting up your daughter to the Lord!

  3. You went 21 years without broken bones and here we are on our 4th broken bone as of last week.....three of those were on the same kid.

    I hope you are able to get your washing machine fixed soon.
    That would be a hurdle. Glad you are able to count blessings in the face of such an obstacle.

    What a fabulous library program! Looks great.

  4. Whew! I'm just tired reading your post. Such a busy life. I wish we lived closer together. We just replaced our washer and dryer this weekend and will be giving our old set to any takers. The dryer doesn't work well (it was given to us 2nd hand in March-ours died last year-and we used it mostly to soften line dried laundry) but the 10 year washer still ran pretty good. Hope you get yours running soon. Done the laundry mat for quite a stretch so I understand what your going through. God will provide though! He always does. :)

  5. I read so many of your posts late at night with a sleeping child on my lap, so I don't comment until later. I loved this post, though, and laughed so hard about your dog with allergies! Definitely sounds like our house... :)