Saturday, September 17, 2011

Our Monet Study

We just completed a study on Claude Monet.  He is one of my favorite artists.  The kids did Monet Puzzles, listened to several stories and books about Monet, did picture studies and watched Linnea in Monet's Garden DVD (one of their all-time favorite DVDs).

To finish off our study of Monet, we painted outside like Monet did. It was a misty day and there was not much morning light.  We talked about light and shadows.  Then we searched for the perfect spot and set up our watercolors and canvas boards.  We all tried our hand at Impressionist art.

We had a nice view of  trees on the edge of some wetlands. 

We then took a nature walk and climbed trees.  My kids love to climb trees and are often above my head. They weren't very high off the ground this time.

This next picture from the park reminds me a little bit of one of Monet's famous pictures.   Of course, this one is not a Japanesse bridge.

We fininshed our morning by sitting on our blanket and reading a picture book about Monet. I feel so blessed to be able to school my children this way.



  1. I love hearing about how you school! I'm not good at all about adding art to our days. You do encourage me!


  2. Love Monet!!!! We will be getting back into artist studies soon. What lovely art work your children have created.

  3. The Monet artwork turned out beautifully! I love how you did the painting outdoors!

  4. Sounds like a perfect day of homeschooling. I loved what the kids did in their paintings. You give them such a rich life, bravo mama you are doing great!

    Blessings and ((HUGS))

  5. They did wonderful paintings! I love it :)
    I have a free app on my iPod touch that has puzzles of Monet's paintings. I also have one of Renoir's work. I love doing those puzzles.
    I don't know if you can do that, but if so it is worth checking out.

  6. Oh, how very special, Dawn. I'm still trying to decide how to approach art and music this semester--I might have it together by December, I think!! (smile) Life's interruptions are killing me!

    The kids' work is wonderful, and as usual, I'm inspired. I loved the trip to the caves, too. We were reading about bats today in science, and can you believe that we've actually been to at least one of the biggest bat colonies in the world (in Austin, TX)?!! Those seemingly small trips can be as impactful as any "big" trip, you know?

  7. Monet is one of my favorites, too. I'll have to look for that DVD. I noticed the puzzle book in your picture. We have a couple of those books of animals and fish puzzles, but I didn't know that they had them for art, too. One more thing to go check out... :)