Monday, September 12, 2011

Linville Cavern

For the past two months, we have really enjoyed learning more about rocks and minerals. We grew crystals, made cave drawings, made a lapbook, read lots of books on the different types of rocks and began the process of polishing our own gemstones. We also watched several videos on fossils, caves, and panning for gold. To finish off our study, we went to a cavern in the region. The three younger kids were too young to remember the last time we visited a cave with visiting guests, so were very excited.  Linville cavern is a pretty small tour, but it is one that we could travel to for a day trip. We set off to see it on a very rainy day. This particular cave had a lot of water flowing through it. We also saw a fault line going straight through the middle of it! We knew there was a fault line, as we've experienced a few small earthquakes in the last decade, but to see the actual fault line under the earth was truly exciting. Apparently, being in a cavern during an earthquake is a safe place to be. Who would have thought it? In fact, the guide was in the cavern at the time of the recent East Coast earthquake and didn't feel a thing or know it was happening. Yet the store above the cave had several things knocked off the shelves and broken. Yikes!

This is supposed to resemble an alligator.

The kids especially liked seeing the fish and hearing the story of the two boys who got lost in the cavern many years ago and crawled their way out following the water.  They were not so impressed with the guide turning all the lights off, however. True darkness!

Do you see the man's face?

The kids also liked hearing the stories about all the people who have hidden in this cavern over the years...everyone from outlaws, to run away slaves, to Confederate and Yankee soldier deserters. They even found a natural fireplace with a chimney. 

A giant cucumber?

It is amazing seeing all of these natural formations. I look forward to taking our kids to other caverns in the next few years, just as my Mom took me to many when I was a child.



  1. We visited Linville Caverns last year and really enjoyed it even if it did make me feel a little claustrophobic. We're in the Charlotte area.

  2. Caves are so cool! They are a perfect field trip, in my opinion. We are blessed to have some fabulous caverns not too far away. Might just be time for another visit after seeing your pics.

  3. I love caves! There are some great one in the south too! We've been to some neat ones in VA if you are headed that way. Of course, Mammoth is my favorite!

    Sounds like y'all had a great time!

  4. What a great looking cave! I, too, have good memories of going to different caves when I was younger. Actually, Nick and I went to several caves before kids, but haven't gone to any since. It just might be time to change that. I wasn't sure how some of my sensory kiddos would do in a cave, but I suppose there's one way to find out!