Saturday, October 8, 2011

First Quarter Report Cards

We are done with the first 9 weeks of school!  It all goes by so fast!  In last year's end of year interview with the kids, they requested grades and report cards.  I thought this was a good idea to help them see how they were really doing.  As this year kicked off, I told them that we would be having report cards.  They asked what they got for their A's ~ ahhh ~ I should have known.  Their public school friends get treats for good grades.  I didn't want to be locked into anything, so I told them it was a surprise.  Fast forward 9 weeks and here we are.
I found these cute report cards at the homeschool store in our state's capital.

I love the character building side of the report card.

The above pictures are of Little Red Riding Hood's report card.  She is struggling most in handwriting, which seems to be a theme among all my kids.  I left out music because my brain forgot all about that subject at 11:00 pm, and I didn't have any written grades for that subject.  So far, we have mostly been doing music appreciation, which in my opinion is not a graded activity.  I also left out Sign Language because that is done mostly as a fun and infrequent activity around here.

I found out that Chuckie Cheese will give 15 free tokens to any child who produces a report card with at least one A on it.  My kids rarely get to go to our local Chuckie Cheese, which is small and non-crazy during the day.  They were delighted with the surprise and I was delighted that it was free.

I am glad we decided to do report cards this year.  It gives me a real look at where we are and what we need to refocus/change every nine weeks.  Do any of you do report cards?



  1. What a lovely report card. I love the character part of it. We are on week six ( feels like nine!)

  2. I've never done report cards and have only given grades to my high schoolers. Do you do testing in the various subjects? Just wondering how you determine the grades. I do like the character part of it too!

  3. I've never even thought to do report cards and didn't know that about Chuck E Cheese. May be something to try out.