Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Little Red Riding Hood Turns 8!

My littlest one is 8 years old today!  She is very excited about having a night time party on Friday.  She will have her three best friends over for a princess pink party, complete with girly crafts, manicures, pajamas and donuts.  Little Red Riding Hood really wanted an overnight but none of the kids will be able to spend the night for a variety of reasons.  I am getting around this dilemma by having a Mock Sleepover.  The kids will have a party and then get into their pajamas and watch a movie until it is time to go.  Then they will get up and have a donut (breakfast) before heading home at  9:30 pm.

Today we had a mostly normal day.  However, Little Red Riding Hood did not have to do any chores.  She also got to pick our lunch.  She picked pizza.  We haven't had pizza in about 7 months due to Tom Sawyer's food allergies.  We just recently got back some forms of dairy on a limited basis.  I went to our local health food store and to my amazement found a pizza (grain free) that was almost perfect.  Even more amazingly, it tasted so good that all the kids asked for seconds and thirds.  It is called Against the Grain Gourmet Pizza, and it has no gluten, wheat, corn, soy, rice, sugar, yeast, peanuts or tree nuts.  You can see the website here.  It is cost prohibitive as a regular food item in our house but will be a great addition for special occasions.

Now for our tradition of listing off a special thing about our birthday child for each year they have lived.
  1. Very Frugal ~ Little Red Riding Hood has saved $101 to date.  She only gets a $1 a week allowance and has an uncanny ability to find coins on the ground.
  2. Easy Going ~ A really great skill to have in this special needs family.
  3. Dancer ~ This girl loves to dance.  She is so excited about being in the Nutcracker again.
  4. Obedient ~ I rarely have to tell her twice how to behave.
  5. Happy ~ She often has a smile on her face and loves the camera.
  6. Mommy's Buddy ~ This girly loves to be with me and go wherever I go.
  7. Quiet and Peaceful ~ Little Red Riding Hood likes to be quiet and play by herself.  She likes to cuddle and just listen to everyone else.
  8. Little Cook ~ She loves to help prepare meals and is almost ready to cook her own first dinner.
We love you, sweet girl.  You are growing so quickly.  I am so glad to be your Mother.



  1. Happy birthday to her!! What a wonderful idea for a party!! And I love the donut before they go home!

    So glad also that you were able to find a pizza for lunch. That sounds fantastic. I'll let my friend know, her daughter is allergic to soy!

  2. I hope she had a wonderful birthday! It sounds like her party will be a lot of fun.