Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pretty, Funny, Happy, Real ~ Apple Picking


We really enjoyed apple picking this past weekend.  We hadn't been apple picking in about five years.  That is a pretty outrageous statement when you consider we live just miles from the apple capital of our state.  I mostly took photos of my pretty children and the pretty mountains.


We picked Fuji, Arkansas Black and Pink Lady apples.  The kids must have eaten three apples each out in the orchard.  Arkansas Blacks seems to be the new family favorite.  They seemed to be a popular apple, since the  kids had to climb the trees to get to the nice Arkansas Blacks.  We were under a bit of a time crunch and were worried if we would be able to find enough apples.  We were so funny to worry.  The kids picked a bushel and a half in about 20 minutes.

It makes me so happy to see this child smile a natural smile.  With her sad history pre adoption, we still have to practice smiling with her.  It is so nice to see her throw out real natural smiles now and again.


I have a lot of apples to process.  The afternoon required a ton of walking.  The farm was 40 acres and the apples that we wanted were about halfway down and down hill from the entrance.  It was hard work carrying all of those apples back up hill and then a half a mile to the car.  We got some great excercise.



  1. Looks like fun. We don't live in apple country anymore, but apple picking is a favorite past time from when we did.

  2. Ohhh what a wonderful and delicious day! I loved the pics you shared. They would make a wonderful picture collage on a wall somewhere. And to have one of your dd smiling is such a prize!

    Blessings and ((HUGS))

  3. Looks like a wonderful day! And very yummy :)

  4. What a fun meme! I love your pictures. Goldilocks' smile is beautiful. She looks like she's gotten so tall, too! Have fun processing those apples. We plan on doing the same thing this weekend!

  5. Wow, you did get a lot of exercise!! That last picture is great.

  6. Great pictures and a great autumn activity! I just finished making applesauce with all the apples a friend gave me from her trees.

  7. I so miss apple picking. I grew up in New England, very close to a number of apple orchards. Now I live in the Midwest, where they are sparse to say the least!

  8. What a fun day! I've never heard of Arkansas Black before. We found an orchard close to us to go to last year. Unfortunately it was picked out early this year. Maybe next year!