Friday, November 13, 2020

A Spot of Beauty

I have been craving beauty and peace lately. Today, I thought I'd do a post style that I used to love that was hosted by Like Mother, Like Daughter. They don't do it anymore and I sometimes miss that platform. It is called Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real. The point is to find contentment in everyday life.


I'm giving you a little peek of our fall table. I saw the white roses at Trader Joe's for a steal and couldn't resist them. I have always loved white roses. These smell as wonderful as they look. Now if I could just keep people from dumping stuff on the table and messing up the landscape ~ ahem!


My mother bought this bookend from an antique store when she was a teenager. It has sat neglected for a great deal of time on her bookshelves and then mine. I decided to polish the silver this week and return it to its glorious past. My mother was told that this bookend was from around the time of the Civil War. The details are incredible. There are windmills, people dancing, churches, dogs and sailboats. The emblem in the middle is made of real human hair and real butterfly wings under a thin piece of glass. There is still tarnish to remove from spots, but it is vastly improved. It was black before! I am glad to have this lovely piece that was so lovingly created in a bygone era.


We have spent the last 20+ years being dog people. We had a cat here and there, but always along with having a loving dog or two. When our beloved dog, Boomer, passed in the first few weeks of the pandemic, we felt adrift without a dog. Then we decided to get a second cat for my daughter's early, early graduation a year early. It just feels right to have two cats right now and no dog. During this pandemic season we decided to just stick to cats. They are less expensive and need less care. When this pandemic is over, we are hoping to take a big trip. Once we are home, we will consider adding a dog again to the mix. But for now, two cats are filling our lives with a great deal of laughter and joy. Two cats (that are friends) are definitely better than one. They are always up to crazy antics.


Our studio's adult dance company

My pictures are pretty bad. I am asking too much of my phone camera and need to pull out a good camera and learn how to use it in the dark. However, we are excited by the progress our dance company is making to find ways to safely perform during the pandemic. One idea that they are working on is a dance performance in the stairwell of  a parking garage. They plan to perform this piece on two different occasions in the next few months for an audience in the parking lot.

Elijah did two job samplings this week through Vocational Rehabilitation. One was working in a grocery store and the other was working at the food bank. He preferred the job at the food bank. He will be paid for these jobs and it gives him and his evaluator lots of information about what might be a good fit for him in the future. Hopefully, in the next week or two, he will get to go on an informational interview at Target and learn about all of the possible jobs there.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. Hurrah for writing exercises that bring peace and joy! Those are delightful items/moments to be grateful for.

    Hurrah for Elijah's job experiences! What joy it must be to be moving forward finally. I hope he finds what he's looking for.

    I also wish Anne well in her parking garage performances!!

  2. The roses are lovely, and look very elegant as your centerpiece! I'm glad Elijah's making some progress on the job situation.

  3. I just love fresh flowers! What a beautiful piece of history you have there with those bookends. I wish Anne well with her dancing and Elijah with his job training!

  4. Love the book ends, if antique road show ever comes your way you should take them in and get them appraised.