Monday, November 30, 2020

Our Advent Plans ~ 2020

This year we are doing an event most days of Advent. Most of them are small, but they are going to add so much joy and meaning to this season and help us wrap up this difficult year on a cheerful note. I purchased this Advent music box (photos below) on deep clearance at a small gift shop in town this year. I think it will turn into a wonderful heirloom and be used for many years to come. It plays Christmas carols when you open the doors. Behind the doors, I either placed a card telling the kids what we would be doing that day or card saying something that I appreciated about them. I also placed a few pieces of candy or a few quarters behind most of the doors. One door even reveals a few dollar bills. Below is a list of what we intend to do each day.

  1. Secret Santa Miss Nancy ~ There is an elderly woman who lives down the hill in a tiny house (330 square feet) that she built herself a few years ago. She is an incredibly industrious woman and is always working in her yard. She has turned a completely ruined pile of dirt yard into a lovely landscaped gem. My kids are constantly impressed with her work ethic. The kids had no trouble agreeing that she should be the recipient of our Secret Santa gift this year.
  2. Charity Wednesday ~ We will be selecting an animal to purchase for a family in need through Heifer International. This is hands-down one of our favorite charities. 
  3. Easy Thursday ~ Candy and and appreciation cards
  4. Make Christmas cookies and Elijah chooses a movie for family movie night. (We have been working on a weekly rotation of family members' picks since the pandemic started.)
  5. Arboretum Lights ~ We will drive through the light show at the arboretum.
  6. 1950's Christmas Night ~ We will be having Hungry Man TV dinners (which were invented in 1954 and which my kids have never had). For after dinner entertainment, we will be having a board game tournament with the game Stratego and taste test of 1950's candy.
  7. Guess Who I Am game ~ Christmas edition
  8. Make more Christmas cookies
  9. Charity Wednesday ~ Buy and deliver a bag of groceries for the food bank.
  10. Easy Thursday ~ Candy and appreciation notes
  11. Hot Chocolate Bar ~ Anne's movie pick
  12. National Gingerbread House day ~ Make our own Gingerbread house
  13. Make Scottish Eggs ~ because I have always wanted to try them.
  14. Christmas light drive around the neighborhood with Starbucks Hot Chocolate
  15. Christmas nighttime walk downtown to see all the decorated store fronts and get a treat of soda or candy from Rockets.
  16. Charity Wednesday ~ Donate money to a local music venue to help support the arts through this difficult time.
  17. Easy Thursday ~ Candy and appreciation cards.
  18. Surprise ~ I am not sure what we are doing this day yet. I am still looking for options. It is my turn to pick the movie for movie night.
  19. Cook dinner over a Christmas bonfire.
  20. Celebrate Los Posadas, which is the Mexican celebration of Mary and Joseph's journey to find room in the inn. ~ We will be breaking a piƱata and having a Mexican meal (maybe tamales from the local food truck).
  21. Winter Solstice ~ Christmas for the earth. We will be feeding the birds, unless I think of something even more magical.
  22. Surprise ~ Another day when I am keeping my options open for now.
  23. Charity Wednesday ~ Sprinkle homeless kits around the downtown area.
  24. Christmas Eve ~ Pizza and big game night, including the Guess What's in the Box game for a Christmas Eve treat.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. I love the advent calendar, I'm sure it'll become a family treasure! Your ways of celebrating sound lovely!

  2. What fun activity ideas and that advent calendar is beautiful!