Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Elijah's Transcript ~ Industrial Arts 1/2 credit

Elijah's Industrial Arts class was designed to expose him to a variety of tools and home repair situations, as well as increase his talent in building. Elijah received an A for this course. He did everything that was asked of him and showed an occasional burst of initiative and self-motivation on projects.

Tools ~ Elijah became very familiar with the tools listed below. He is comfortable using all of them, although he prefers to use alternatives to a chainsaw whenever possible. 

  • Dremel
  • Bandsaw
  • Chain Saw
  • Axe
  • Machete
  • Hatchet
  • All the tools found in a basic handyman tool set
Gaming Computer ~ Elijah did lots of research on how to build a gaming computer with his Dad. After much research and a few videos, they ordered all of the components to make a gaming computer. They put it all together and it still works great. 

Nerf Guns plus Medieval Costumes and Swords ~ Elijah showed a great interest in modifying Nerf guns and creating Medieval costumes. This involved a lot of math, measuring, sewing, using tools (especially the bandsaw) and creating his own blueprints from which to work.
  • Modify Nerf guns with worker pieces
  • Drew patterns for armor
  • Made a shoulder pauldron
  • Made a large banner
  • Made a scabbard
  • Made and repaired boffing/foam swords
  • Mended by hand Medieval clothing
Home Repair ~ He worked alongside his Dad whenever there was a home project to do.
  • Removal of old insulation and installation of new insulation
  • Power wash the house siding
  • Assembled an office chair
  • Cutting and painting boards to make shelves
  • Exterior painting of shed
  • Putting up drywall
  • Laying contact paper in the pantry
  • Spray painting clay pots
  • Laying peel and stick tile on floor
  • Built a computer desk for his room
Landscaping ~ 
  • Planted 40 flower bulbs
  • Pruned numerous trees and shrubs in yard
  • Weed control with pre-emergent
  • Weeding
  • Removal of bushes and small trees of less than 12 feet in height
Eureka Kits ~ Elijah really enjoyed making the Eureka Kits by Kiwi Company. They were always interesting and just challenging enough to learn from each of them. He completed 11 kits.
  • Basket ball waste paper basket
  • Ukulele
  • Card shuffling machine
  • Two in one lantern
  • Perpetual calendar
  • Mechanical lockbox with a pin tumbler
  • Stereo headphones
  • Pinball machine
  • Articulated lamp
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Soap dispenser
Blessings, Dawn

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