Saturday, October 27, 2007

Do you think we needed a new roof?!?

A few weeks ago, we had a leak in the roof.  We had the insurance man come out and check the roof to see if it had been caused by the windstorm a few weeks previously.  While he was checking the roof, his foot fell through.  YIKES!!  Unfortunately, he said the roof was just old so they weren't going to cover it.  SO now we had a hole in our roof and it wasn't covered.  DOUBLE YIIKES!   This past week we had a new roof put on and it looks great.  It is so nice to know we are safe under our sound, new roof.

This is not the job for me.  The kids couldn't get enough of watching the guys walking back and forth across the roof.  We were blessed that our elderly neighbor had used these roofers for several properties over the last 25 years and pointed us in their direction.  They were very prompt, kept a clean work site and all had very good manners.  This is them finishing off the top part. You can just barely see the blue tarp where the hole was.

See the size of that hole.  This is not what you want to see on your roof!  The hole was right over my laundry room. The crew put in new rafters.

This is not the best pic but the roof is all done and a lovely forest green.  Oh, and amazingly enough, they charged us exactly what the estimate was.  YAY!


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  1. Wow! That's some hole! Praise God it's all fixed & it cost what you expected it too; whew.

    Thanks for visiting me! I'd like to make you a new friend!

    Blessings, Michele