Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Final Exam in Home Economics

Well, the big teen had a few hours left over from last year to complete his Home Ec course, so I told him he would be taking the final while his grandparents were visiting.  His exam was to clean a room from top to bottom; sew a button on his sister's dress; and plan, shop, make, and serve a 3 course formal meal on china to his parents and grandparents.  I teased him that he was walking into the exam with an A, but if he broke my china it was an automatic F.  Of course, I was only teasing, and I am happy to report he didn't break any!  He made fruit salad as the appetizer, pork chops, corn, and potatoes as the main course with brownies for dessert.  It was so good!!!

Yes, he is holding the knife that way just to annoy me!  He doesn't like having his picture taken while he is working.

He also sewed a button on his sister's dress.

He also really made the kitchen sparkle, but I forgot to take a picture and now it is messed up again.  LOL!  He got an A for the final and course!


  1. Now that is a great achievement for a young man (and his mother). I certainly hope I can get my boys to master those tasks. I think for us it will take the entire 16+ years. Though now that I think about it, my oldest can at least make his bedroom shine and my second can make some mean lemon bars. We are working on meal planning currently.

    Anyway, Congratulations to the master chef on his fine dinner. Did he have to do the shopping too?

  2. I have a teen who also doesn't like to get his photo taken for my blog. Congratulations on getting one of him sewing on the button. Fabulous!

  3. Wow! A+ to Big Teen! I love the idea of this test! I hope I remember this when my girls are a little older. They'd hate the cleaning part but if it had sewing and cooking -they'd be excited to have the test!

    Isn't it weird how rooms just never stay clean. I think a homeschooler should invent something for this!


  4. Well, I can chalk that up as one good thing about having a teen in the house...one more cook. My oldest is 11, and so I'm trying to be positive about the teen years that are breathing down my neck!

  5. I REALLY like your ds exam. [0= I will have to do the same with my boys. Good idea. I have been wanting to get over here more. Please don't give up on me. I think of you often and wonder how you are doing. It looks like your ds is a GREAT cook ! If a boy can not break the china that is for sure a A+ in my book. [0;

    Blessings and ((hugs)) my SSiC

    In Him<><


  6. Year for your son! It's such a good thing to teach our boys some home ec skills. My boys all do their own ironing. One I banished from the kitchen after a few mishaps but the other two have made bread and of course cookies. :) They say they never want to get married, but to remain bachelors. So, I tell them they need to learn these things. :)

    That meal looks yummy that your son prepared. Beautiful china too, by the way.