Thursday, March 3, 2011

Creating Home Atmosphere

Every home has a unique atmosphere. We are all unique and have our own comforts, values, and passions.  Charlotte Mason says that up to one-third of education comes from atmosphere. Since our children are homeschooled, the atmoshere of their education is our home. I have been thinking about the atmosphere of our home and the main themes of it. Our home is loving, practical, therapeutic, adventurous, filled with ideas and encourages exploration. However, our home is also tired ... the children yawn and whine; the Mom and Dad sigh too often; the house is always in need of many repairs (she is 80 years old this year, after all); and the housekeeping is often just enough, sporadic and a bit frazzled. No one likes chores and taking pride in ones' work is an evolving process. Maybe it is just the Winter Blahs, but I feel the need for some beauty and freshness.

When it came time to put the last of the Christmas decorations and snowmen away this week (it is March after all), I decided to decorate the mantel with something the kids and I both love. I want to encourage the enjoyment of chores through sprinkling beauty around. We decided that we all love tea and books. Tea time is a favorite time around here. We decorated the mantel with the rope of flowers that lay around the table of my wedding cake many years ago, our favorite tea pots and old books. The kids had so much fun, and we created a spot of beauty into our practical home atmosphere. This led the kids and I to want to make a lovely prayer area. 

We added family photos of those who are no longer with us, a dish of rocks that my Grandma collected, a candle to remind us of those we are praying for with cancer right now (we know several people in this battle right now), and a funny note card that makes me laugh. The note card says, "I am a Quaker. In case of Emergency, please be quiet."  Like it is ever quiet around here!  So what is your home atmosphere?



  1. Ohh you are a inspiration like usual. I need to ask the boys to help decorate a place with me. I loved looking at your corners and it must be a blessing to them.

    Blessings and ((HUGS))!

  2. Lovely! I adore the mantle covering. We are still using our fireplace and cannot put cloth on the matles yet. But I have decluttered and cleaned my corners. Putting some things away for another time and putting other stuff in the yard sale box.

  3. I love it, Dawn!
    Sadly, right now my house says "staged" as in for sale. Nothing personal, the portraits put away......but its only for season.
    I can't wait to personalize and cozy up......hopefully in a new home.

  4. Thank you for giving us a peek into your home atmosphere. I have to agree, about the photos. Over the past few days, my youngest four discovered dvds of themselves from 5 and 6 years ago. They all sat enjoying the scenes, laughing and reminiscing and getting along just marvelously. This little thing made these cabin-fever-days a little lighter and loving!

    Ring true,

  5. Wow, I could have written this post, as over my computer, my eyes keep seeing a couch full of half-folded, half-unfolded clothes. Ugh. BUT, it's good that you did a little something about it. Funny--I have paintings that have needed to be hung for weeks now after we painted the youngest's room and got new (to us) living room furniture. You've given me a hint of inspiration.

  6. What a beautiful spot you have created.