Thursday, March 24, 2011

Puppy Love!

We were really concerned that our resident dog would not take to the new puppy. She is old and has had several bad experiences with dogs in the past. We researched and talked to professionals and thought about it more. Finally, we just couldn't wait anymore and we brought home Boomer. To our shock, things have gone very well.  They are good friends and everything is going great.

Boomer is sure keeping all of us busy. He is excellent at decluttering. He is busy finding all the weak spots in our fence so that dh can fix them and he just loves eating paper. You know that old phase, "My dog ate my homework!"?  Well, that is sure true around here! LOL

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  1. He is cute. So glad they are getting along well.

  2. I love your new pup! Very adorable. The older one is adorable too.
    We are at that crossroads where our dog is very old and not doing well. Considering a dane rescue. ( wanna skip the puppy stage cause they do indeed eat the homework and find all the weak spots in the fence!)

  3. Dawn cannot leave a comment on Tom Sawyers lovely blog because I am no longer a member of HSB ( they actually removed me two times ) and you have to be signed into HSB to leave a comment on HSB. Tell him his Blog looks awesome! I like the photos.

  4. I am glad your two dogs are getting along so well. That makes life easier. I had to grin when I read the dog eating the homework. I guess it isn't a wives tale after all. [o= Yes new pups can help us dog proof a yard for sure.

    Blessings and ((HUGS))<><

  5. Adorable!! So gald the transition is going well!!

  6. Cute! I can't wait to try having a puppy again. Last time we tried our son kept biting the poor dog's jowls repeatedly. The dog was so sweet, but we worried that he would eventually snap. :( We plan to try again in about a year.

  7. Hey, I remember having the same fear when we brought little Ginger home to our family and our old beagle/ collie mix, Sparky. At first, Sparky wanted nothing to do with Ginger, but Ginger wouldn't take no for an answer. Now, they're good "friends." Of course, it doesn't hurt that Ginger is bigger than Sparky these days and bombards her way.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. Your visits are always special to me. Such words of honey!