Saturday, March 12, 2011

Homeschool Mother's Journal ~ Being Thankful

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In My Life ~
I am so busy learning a load of new things right now. It is a bit overwhelming, but I think I can see a pause on the horizon. Sometimes life just comes at you in huge waves. I am enjoying listing the 400 things I am thankful for and will list a few more below.

I am thankful for (continued) ...
17. the sun coming out.
18. a flat backyard and room for my kids to run.
19. that my husband was able to hook up my new sink. (It was a plumbing adventure, but he figured it out!)
20. for mountain views.
21. for my son's volunteer job at the nature center ... it is a second family for him.
22. for our free pass to the nature center that provided a free day of education and fun.
23. the opportunity to live in such a happy city, according to a recent national poll.
24. for satin pillow cases.
25. for sunsets.
26. for a dishwasher.
27. that my kids love their Sunday school classes.
28. for a church where our family feels comfortable.

In our homeschool this week ~
We continued our FIAR study of Betsy Ross. The kids and I are really enjoying the book. They learned how to sew a little bit more and are practicing making x's with embroidery thread. We are reviewing math to make sure there are no gaps before they have end-of-year testing. The first one is tested next Friday. We went on two field trips this week.

Places we are going and people we are seeing ~
We went on a wonderful field trip to our local nature center. They were doing a huge program on oceans and ocean creatures. Many organizations came together to make it happen, and it was really nicely done. The kids learned about whales, polar bears, had their hands cleaned by shrimp, made several crafts, held whale bones and teeth, and got to see the Arctic in a geodome. We also went to an art class at the local museum and learned how to make cityscapes.

My Favorite thing this week ~
After 10 years of disliking and struggling to keep my old kitchen counter clean, I got a NEW one! It is so wonderful and will be so much easier to keep clean than the old cracked tile counter. I am so happy and relieved. We spent the first 10 years repairing/replacing the "must do's" in the house. Now we are able to start doing some of the wants in the house. I feel very blessed to have a new counter.

What's working/not working for us ~
Our themed music day is not working very well for us. One issue is we have to leave the house before 10:30 for an appointment. I have them listen to music in the car, but I am not really satisfied with it. Our afternoon musical tea time is a little crazy some days. The appointment will be over when we finish school. I will have to think about how to change music for next year.

Homeschool questions/thoughts I have ~
Does anyone know of a good blog that has done Prairie Primer? We are planning on doing that program next year.



  1. I love your new counter! IT is beautiful. How blessed you are. And I like the idea of listing what you are thankful for.

  2. A new countertop can brighten any day!

  3. I am so happy for you getting to update your kitchen a bit. I love when we get to do things like that and it make such a difference when it makes our jobs easier.
    Great field trips! I'm sure the children really enjoyed those.

  4. Love the countertops. Kitchen remodels can be nerve wracking, but they are worth it. I was without a sink for 19 days when we redid out 1950s kitchen.

  5. I noticed from an earlier post that you are doing the Flat Stanley idea for school. I don't think our state was on the list of the ones you've done, would you like us to host? You can email me at kimberlynwheeler(at)gmail(dot)com