Friday, August 7, 2020

A Field Trip ~ Catawba Falls

This week went by in a blur of school lessons, household chores, painting ceilings, changing light bulbs to maximize light, buckets of rain and cat cuteness. The highlight of our week was a hike at Catawba Falls. This lovely nature hike is a relatively new trail that has been acquired by the U.S. Forestry. We got out of the house on the early side in the hopes of beating the rain and the crowds. We beat the rain...the crowds were intense at times on the trail and at the more easily accessible parts of the falls. 

The trail is three miles round trip and mild/moderate in intensity. The first thing we found on the trail was an old abandoned water pump station. It was a beautiful ruin. 

The trail follows a lovely stream. I have been missing the sounds of running water from the ocean or a mountain stream and this was a perfect respite for my ears.

The hike does become steep at times, but the trail is well maintained and the path is nice and wide to pass people while maintaining social distancing. We also found little nooks and crannies where we could get off the trail and be far enough away from people that we could take breaks from our masks.

Of course, it turned into a photo shoot and a photo bombing.

On our way down we found some lovely butterflies and a centipede. It was also just lovely to look at some of the stunning trees. Nature really is wonderful.

I hope your days are peaceful and filled with joy.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. What a beautiful hike!!!! I'm glad you were rested and refreshed by your outing.

  2. The falls are beautiful!! It sounds like a wonderful outing!

  3. Those falls are gorgeous! I love that butterfly too.