Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Elijah Dean's Transcript ~ U. S. Government & U. S. History II

Elijah completed his second year of U. S. History and Government. He concentrated on the 1930's to the present for the history section of this course. There was a slight overlap from his U. S. History I course. He also read a few books that interested him from other time periods in America History. Elijah also learned about U. S. Government through several different platforms.

Books Used

  • What Was Hurricane Katrina? By Robin Kootnz
  • What is Alcatraz? By Nico Medina
  • What is the Stature of Liberty? By Joan Houb
  • What is the Women's Movement? By Deborah Hopkinson
  • Sundays in America By Suzanne Strempek Shea
  • Terrible But True : Awful Events in American History By Dinah Williams
  • What was the Vietnam War? By Jim O'Connor
  • Who was Sitting Bull? By Stephanie Spinner
  • Who was Fredrick Douglass? By April Prince
  • What was the Boston Tea Party? By Kathleen Krull
  • What was the Battle of Gettysburg? By Jim O'Connor
  • What is the Constitution? By Patricia Demuth
  • Fault Lines in the Constitution By Cynthia and Sanford Levinson
  • Who is Ruth Bader Ginsburg? By Patricia Demuth
  • Who was Alexander Hamilton? By Pam Pollack
  • Who was Cesar Chavez? By Dana Rau
  • What was the Hindenberg? By Janet Pascal
  • Who was Amelia Earhart? By Kate Jerome
  • What was the Great Depression? By Janet Pascal
  • Who was Blackbeard? By James Buckley, Jr.
Worksheets with reading and essay questions ~ He completed 34 worksheets with essay questions about the federal government, Supreme Court, local and state governments and famous events in modern history.

Movies and TV Shows
  • The Post
  • Stephen Fry America (all episodes)
  • Dick
Travel ~ We were very fortunate to be able to travel to six states during this course and saw many historic sites. 
  • Having relatives there, we visited Washington, D. C. for the 8th or 9th time in Elijah's childhood. This time we visited the Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial and Smithsonian National Zoo.
  • We visited Cincinnati, Ohio where we toured Freedom Center, which is an amazing museum about slavery (both historical and current). We also toured the city.
  • We visited Indiana. We toured Levi and Catherine Coffin's home, who were important conductors on the Underground Railroad. We visited an Amish store, toured a bit of Amish countryside and visited a few parks in Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • We went to the Swannanoa Valley Museum in a city near our home.
  • We visited the Mountain Farm Museum in the Great Smokey National Park.
  • We went to Charleston, South Carolina, where we toured Rainbow Row, French Quarter, Pirate Dungeon, Middleton Place Rice plantation and the Charleston Tea Plantation and factory. 
  • We visited the American Stonehenge in New Hampshire and also rode a cog railway to the top of Mount Washington in that state. 
  • In Salem, Massachusetts, we toured the Witch Wax Museum, House of Seven Gables, and Salem Wax Museum. 
  • We visited Boston, Massachusetts, where we toured the Boston Tea Party Museum and Boston Public Gardens. We also walked the Freedom Trail and visited Quincy Market. 
Elijah really enjoyed this year and learned so much. The course ended up being nearly 180 hours long. He received an A.

Blessings, Dawn

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful year of learning and experiencing history. Interestingly enough, we have a Swanannanoa Palace close by us that might be connected and of interest. I'll copy a link to a video of it below.