Thursday, August 27, 2009

Field Trip ~ Carl Sandburg House

We try to do one family adventure each weekend. This past weekend, we decided to go to the home of Carl Sandburg. The property was lovely. The children loved playing with the goats that are the descendants of Mrs. Sandburg's prize-winning goatherd. In fact, the goats are still winning awards on the national level today. The Sandburg's had several children with cow milk allergies which led them to farming their own goats' milk. They were so good at it that they opened a small dairy. We toured the dairy and learned how to pasteurize goat milk.

Although the grounds were free, the house costs money to go into. We decided to just enjoy the grounds and farm on this day and leave the house tour for another day when the children are older and had read Carl Sandburg's works. The following are some pictures of the outside of the house.

There was also a small bamboo forest on the property. The kids really enjoyed playing in the bamboo.

We all had lots of fun!

Blessings, Dawn


  1. What a great day!! And alot of fun!! The pictures are beautiful. I love Carl Sandburg and have him listed this year as a poet for us to read.

    Have a wonderful day!



  2. That may be a weekend trip we'll have to make.

    Just wanted to let you know I passed on an award to you.

  3. The Carl Sandburg trip looks wonderful. You are amazing--I was reading through your "Day in the Life" post and admiring how much you have together. It's awesome to just read through and watch.

    Hope the rest of your days are going along as swimmingly. Ours are blissful right now, too, but I'm sensing chaos around the corner as I just found some favorite new tools all too late in the summer.

    God bless you, Dawn.

  4. Dawn,

    Just catching up on your blog!! Haven't been by in ages. Shame on me, I know!! I love so much to read about your lives and see all the awesome pictures. I know I say it everytime I leave a comment but you do inspire me tremendously!! You are so diligent and organized!! :-) Thanks so much for sharing your family!! Hugs!! Kris

  5. It is a lovely home. I remember visiting those goats when I was your kids' age. (Different goats of course LOL). We were on a little adventure a couple of summers ago and wound up there too late to tour. I need to remember to go back sometime when we plan ahead!

  6. We loved visiting this site too as part of our NC History tour. Hopefully we'll make it back again as some of mine were pretty young the first time through.