Thursday, August 6, 2009

Friday Show and Tell ~ Saturated in Reading

One of our main goals this year is for everyone to become a good reader. One way we are going about this task is to saturate the children in reading materials ~ from games to Leap Pads to good old phonics lessons. Our dear one-on-one mental health worker for Goldilocks blessed us with 10 Leap Pad books and cartridges this past week. We already had three Leap Pads and a few books that I had found at yard sales through the years. The kids are in heaven with all the new books and are asking constantly if they can go work with a Leap Pad. 

They are doing a really nice job of playing the games and sounding out the words instead of letting the machine do all the work.

I am also busy making file folder games. They are just right for Tom Sawyer, and the girls can do some of the easier ones.

While I am writing this, I glanced across the room to see this adorable view. It warms my heart.

Blessings and happy reading!



  1. I love leap pads, we just recently acquired new books too (thank you garage sales!!). Your goals for this year sound similar to mine. I have two that I want to become strong readers so we are going to saturate them with lots of reading materials :)

    Happy reading to you all!


  2. How cool! What a blessing!

    I love making file folder games. My kids have out grown them but I still use them in Sunday School a lot.

  3. Ahhhh! What a sweet photo there at the end!

    I get out our Leap Pads about every six months and it's like they are new again for a few weeks. Then I pack them up for another few months. I'm thinking it's time to get them out so I can finish up some of my nesting projects.

    I'm sure your children will love reading. You have done such an amazing job with them and introducing them to so many books and activities related to that.

    Have a good weekend


  4. I agree learning to read and enjoying reading is huge. That plus a good attitude are at the top of my 'goals' list as a hs mom.

    Looks like you are off to a good year. :)



  5. Looks like you are well on your way to have a house full of readers. It is a challenge, for sure, but such a blessing when even the small goals are reached.

  6. Yep - always making learning fun - that's Dawn!


  7. Love that last picture! I'm e-mailing you!



  8. What a great photo of your sweet children!