Monday, August 17, 2009

Not Back-to-School Blog Hop

I thought I would join in to the Not Back-to-School Blog Hop this week. The topic is student photo week.

Goldilocks (8) is my energetic child. She never stops moving or talking. She is a super cleaner and organizer. She likes music, art and horseback riding. Her favorite time during lessons is copy work or doing art work (the messier the better). She suffers many learning challenges but keeps on improving.

Tom Sawyer (7) is my artist and inventor. Sometimes, we think his code name on the blog should be Leonardo Da Vinci. He is a perfectionist and very bright. He loves all subjects (except handwriting) and thanks me constantly for giving him math pages. I am NOT kidding!! He is the most stubborn, yet charming child I have ever met. He amazes us constantly with his insight.

Little Red Riding Hood (5) is my little mother's helper. She loves to play mommy with her dolls and learn how to care for the home. She is also my collector. Her most recent collection is sea shells (seen in photo). She is making great progress in reading and will soon be our newest independent reader. She loves science, sports (especially softball and ballet), and tea time (when we read chapter books and have snack -- yum).

Our Not Back-to-School photos would not be complete without including our graduate.

Our son Timothy graduated from homeschool this past May. He is busy with his volunteer job at the local nature center and will be trying out college with two audited classes this fall. He was born with many learning challenges and medical conditions that prevent him from doing anything full-time right now. However, he is having a great time exploring his interests and finding ways to contribute to our community. Just this past Sunday, he joined other young adults to clean up the street in front of our church.
Okay ~ In all honesty, those pictures were cute. But do they represent my children's true nature? Perhaps, these would be more appropriate Not Back-to-School pictures of my kiddos.

She looks innocent enough, but what is she doing with that hose?

Perhaps Mad Scientist would be a more realistic name.

Good thing she likes to clean things!

This young man is much more likely to be found in a tree than wearing a tie!

Blessings, Dawn


  1. I am so proud to say these are my grandchildren! They are incredibly lovable...and messy...and creative. Tom Sawyer's feet look so big in that photo that they look like flippers LOL. Keep up the good work, Mom and Dad. I am so proud of my family. Love, Grandma

  2. It is so nice to read about each of your kids.. you have a lovely, blessed bunch!

  3. What's with boy the boys feet looking so BIG!! weird, just wanted you to know I have now updated my blog, so you can get off my back already, just kidding. Yea, so how long was that summer break anyway? You guys can come over Friday to play if you come over early, or come Thrusday afternoon. The baby actually took a 2 hour nap today, YEA, hope to hear from you soon. Kristi

  4. Great post! LOL on the "real" pictures!

  5. Wanted to check in & see how you all are doing. Everyone looks great; great pics! We're not "back to school" because we never really stopped, except for a few interruptions... still trying to get up to full speed though lol.


  6. Real pics vs posed pics. Love the "real" ones.

    My little one has also faced some interesting medical circumstances, and I look forward to seeing him conquer school and grow up to make the world a better place - in whatever way success can be defined for him! What a good example your guy is!

  7. Love the photos! What great shots of all of your beautiful/handsome children!



  8. Have a blessed year!

  9. These are super pictures. I love the second set!

  10. You are inspiring me to do a similar post...!