Wednesday, September 9, 2009

$75 a Week Grocery Challenge

This is week two of the $75 a week grocery challenge put on by Owlhaven. Wow! I am really amazed at how well we are doing without compromising our organic, gluten-free eating habits. 

So here is this week's purchases:

Earthfare ~

Yes, I know I said I wasn't going to go to Earthfare this month, BUT we got a coupon for 50% off free-range baby back ribs and three ears of corn for free. My dh has been wanting ribs for months, and I couldn't pass up the deal. It made for a very nice Labor Day meal.  Babyback ribs (2LB) ~ $11 and 3 ears of corn ~ Free

Amazing Savings (dent and scratch store) ~

2 bags organic latkes, bananas, 3 bags of chips, 1 dozen cage-free eggs, 3 boxes gluten-free waffles, 1/2 pound organic jellybeans, 2 containers Soy Dream, 2 boxes of gluten-free "cheerios," 5 pound bag of potatoes, bag of organic cheese, 1 loaf bread, soy ice cream, organic fruit roll-ups Total ~ $32.71

Walmart ~  
5 pounds of sugar, 5 pounds of flour (We are mostly gluten-free, but when it comes to homemade apple pie, one needs REAL wheat flour!!), bananas, 3 cukes, jar of dill pickles, 1 package of nitrate-free ham (for an Irish dish of cabbage, potatoes and ham), salt, 1 can baked beans, 1 jar peanut butter (all natural), cinnamon, popcorn, 1 pound grapes, 1 loaf of bread (half of this is going to a science activity), spaghetti sauce, ranch dressing, lettuce, 10 pound bag of ice, 2 pounds butter Total ~ $39.03

Grand Total for this week ~ $78.74  Hooray!  I think it is going well, even though we have been a bit over each week.

I plan on making refrigerator applesauce and several apple pies to freeze in the next day or two. It is nice to be putting some things up for later.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. looks like you did GREAT!


  2. Can you share what brand of nitrate free ham you got? We eat more processed foods than is probably finding nitrate free would be great!

  3. it would be awesome if you shared what you make for meals with the items you buy :)