Thursday, September 17, 2009

Feed Your Family for $75 a Week #3

We are now in week 3 of Mary's challenge at Owlhaven. I am going about $5 to $10 over the goal each week and my cupboards are a bit more bare than I like.  Also, I am very low on produce and laundry detergent. I need to get to the Farmer's Market and also make some laundry detergent this weekend. I am pleased with how well it is going over all. Considering that in the past few months I have been spending closer to $700, I can see that there is real room for saving money in the future. I think I will make my goal for next month $100 dollars a week, so I will have more wiggle room. This way, I'll  be motivated to make this a lifestyle change instead of a one month challenge. 

Here is this week's shopping. 

Amazing Savings~

2 packages of organic ground beef, 1 package of cheese, 3 bags of chips, raspberry jam, organic beef bullion, bananas, red pepper, 1 pound cherry tomatoes, 1 tomato,  organic chicken nuggets, orange juice (we were not going to buy juice this month but the price was really good and two kids have the sniffles), Rice Dream, 2 organic packages of gluten-free fish patties (enough for one meal), 1 loaf of bread for dh's lunch, 2 boxes of gluten-free cheddar crackers, 2 bags of gluten-free bagels, 2 packages of organic sausage links, gluten-free pasta, dairy-free ice cream sandwiches, 2 bottles of sparkling strawberry juice (saving for Thanksgiving), 2 packages of hash browns, 1/2 pound organic jelly beans, 1 bag of cereal
Total~ $58.28

Walmart ~

2 pounds of grapes, jar of salsa, 5 ears of corn, 1 dozen eggs, Smart Balance margarine, 2 packages of nitrite-free lunch meat (for our on-the-road days), can of olives, 2 pizza crusts, 2 bags of cheese, gluten-free mac and cheese, 1 jar of spaghetti sauce, corn tortillas Total~$32.88

Grand Total~$81.16

Blessings, Dawn


  1. THis is SO COOL how you are eating organic...and you think you can do that for $100 a week and be comfortable...I LOVE THAT!

    I think I will try to add more of that in as well.

  2. I forgot...this is Carrie from:

    i would love to talk with you more about Gluten Free and all...I think my son has some allergies and I am thinking it may be gluten and dairy...but really HOPING it isn't