Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Timothy Goes to College

Well, he sort of is going to college. Timothy started some continuing education classes today at our local community college. With his special needs and learning challenges, we decided that taking very small steps into the college world was the best choice for him. He will be starting with continuing education classes and then try an audited class or two and then perhaps regular college classes. 

He loved his first class in woodworking and the class was small with only six students. He will be making a little wooden shoe next week. He will also be starting a class in digital photography tomorrow. Everything went just as we had planned and practiced. He got to class just fine and back to our meeting place. 

There was one funny thing, though. Timothy wanted to get a snack while he waited for me. He checked out the vending room and saw that they had a coffee machine. He really wanted some coffee, but did not have a cup to catch the coffee with. It never occurred to him that the machine would provide the cup! I only chuckled a little bit. Really, I am telling the truth. I am not sure if this indicates that he is really sheltered or just raised really earth-friendly. 

Off to his first class!

Blessings, Dawn


  1. Best wishes to him! That's exciting!

    And I understand about the coffee cup. I might have gone through a moment where I was confused too. Tell him the coffee from those machines isn't very good anyway.


  2. Oh Dawn I'm sure you're so proud of him and hey, he didn't need that coffee it would stunt his growth, LOL!

    I can't even imagine mine being teenagers much less adults (shudder). I got a late start, so many of my peers are already grandparents.

    I hope I didn't come off too self righteous in my latest post and we too wear pants but I am a stigler for making sure we're covered up :-). I so want my girls to understand the beauty and nobility of being modest. It's just so hard as you said in a society that doesn't honor it at all.

    Have a great rest of week, Julie

  3. LOL about the coffee vending machine. I can so imagine my son wondering the same thing. And really, if you've never seen one, how would you know? What if you stuck your money in, didn't have a cup, and coffee ran all over the floor? Then everyone would think you were crazy for not knowing you needed a cup.