Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Girl that Cried "Pill" and Our Latest Field Trip

I made the decision this weekend that it was time for my youngest dd to learn how to swallow a pill. She will be six in just a few weeks. I want her to be able to swallow a pill so that she can take a small Cod Liver Oil pill. The children need the extra vitamin D, because we eat very little dairy products. With the fall setting in and the sun's strength depleting, it is important that she gets vitamin D. All of the other children have been taking Cod Liver Oil or Vitamin D pills for months. I knew that getting her to take a pill was going to be hard. However, I did not imagine that it would turn into such an event. There were many tears and spitting the pill out!  
The tears went on for a long time ... long enough to pull out the camera. She actually asked me, "Is this real? Is this really happening to me?" I guess she thought it was a nightmare. LOL.
My goodness! This child can carry on.

And on and on and on!!!

After sucking on several Cod Liver Oil pills which made them split open and spill into her mouth, throwing up once, and throwing three pills in different stages of destruction on the floor, she finally swallowed a pill. 

A teeny tiny pill ... this child is so dramatic! I don't know what to do with her sometimes. I feel better that I stuck with it, though. When she finally swallowed, she giggled and had to admit that it wasn't as bad as she thought it would be. She said that the worst part was when it melted in her mouth. Well, duh! That is why you are supposed to swallow it quickly.

On a happier note ~

This weekend, we went on our latest field trip to a small train museum in a small town only about 45 minutes from us. I forgot the camera, but it was lots of fun. Right when we arrived, a large freight train came through the depot. We were able to stand at the fence and watch it lumber by. It was thrilling to see a train so close, and the engineer waved at the kids. They were very excited about that. We were surprised to find the museum having an ice cream social. I love small towns. The kids enjoyed listening to the banjo music and eating ice cream sundaes. I have been teaching them the instruments in the orchestra and they could identify each one in the Bluegrass band. The bass had been difficult to identify when listening to classical music, but this time they were pleased to sit within a few feet of it and really hear the sound of that instrument. Honestly, school happens 24/7 if one just lets it.

We then moved on to the Gateway To The Mountains Museum and enjoyed it as well. Lastly, we watched the river which is really rising and about to spill its banks. It has been raining for 5 days here and is forecasted to rain for 10 more days. The news is predicting sizable flooding coming our way. Our home is on high ground but travel may require some detours in the coming days.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. My dd had an awful time learning to swallow a pill. Finally she had to because she was older and liquids were no longer strong enough for occasional pain medications. To break her in, we gave her a Tic Tac to swallow, without much success. She has a cold now and I got Benadryl capsules, which she wants, to help her sleep through the night. She doesn't cry anymore but she does take a long time to swallow them.



  2. I remember that *I* had an awful time learning to swallow a pill and I was much older. She did a great job!

    Your field trip sounds like fun! I love things like that too.