Monday, September 7, 2009

Ocean Unit Study

We are doing a unit study on oceans. We are enjoying the book, Pagoo. It is all about the life of a hermit crab and his travels. Since our betta fish passed away, we decided to replace it with three hermit crabs. They are loads of fun and easy to maintain. The kids watch them for long stretches of time.

The kids also enjoyed making their first wall mural. We found our outline on The kids used watercolors to fill in the mural.

Lastly, we all enjoyed measuring the length of a blue whale out on the sidewalk. We measured out 82 feet and then measured the kids in comparison. It would take 23 Little Red Riding Hoods or 20 Tom Sawyers or  20 Goldilocks to be the same length as a blue whale.WOW! That puts one's height in perspective!

See that black check mark in the photo pointing at the speck? That would be my dd holding the other end of the rope. That is one long whale!

Wow! Tom Sawyer, you don't even get past the tail fins!

Well that's what we are up to with oceans. There are so many more fun things we want to learn about oceans!

Blessings, Dawn


  1. I really like your ocean ideas, especially measuring the whale. That certainly does give the kids a good sense of how big they are! BTW, that wall mural is beautiful! Thanks for joining in the Unplugged Project!

  2. Meg at barebabyfeet.blogspot.comSeptember 8, 2009 at 6:22 AM

    I love the measuring on the sidewalk idea. I've seen it done with the solar system (scaled, heehee) but the whale idea is great.

  3. Great ideas...I love how you measured the whale!