Saturday, January 9, 2010

Room Reveal Part 2

Here are two more rooms in our five bedroom makeover. Unfortunately, none of the photos of Timothy's room came out well. I am not sure what went wrong. Anyway, my 19 year old son really did not want his room in the reveal. So I will leave his room out.

Goldilocks was the only one who did not switch rooms during this big room rotation. It was important to us that she get something special in her room so that she felt part of the transition. I was so excited when I found this vanity at a thrift store.

Cute, huh?  Well, it opens up to reveal a cute chair that my Mother found at a different thrift store and decorated to match the mirror that she also found and painted. The drawers are filled with fabrics and ribbons so Goldilocks may decorate her horses.

My Mom also took an old matelasse coverlet and dyed it purple. It came out much nicer than we could have imagined, as it was her first try at dying fabrics. As you can see, Goldilocks' bedroom is painted in two walls with purple paint and two walls in pink, per her request.
She also got a new rug and curtains since her shades were in terrible repair.


The Parents' Bedroom

We moved back to the master bedroom. Ahhh! The space in our new room is fantastic. My Mother gave us an unfinished wood sleigh bed for Christmas (which dh stained a beautiful honey maple), and my in-laws gave us some deep pocket sheets. Since my Mom now feels like an experienced dyer, she took our fading yellow matelasse coverlet and dyed it yellow to brighten it up. It all feels so calm in my room now.

My Mom also gave me this sweet little rocking chair.  It is perfect to sit in when I want to do a little light reading. 

I still need to paint the baseboard on the wall.  We did the same curtain treatment to our closet as was done to Little Red Riding Hood's closet, as they don't have doors.

Here is one of my favorite new things. My Mother (once again) found several radiator covers on the side of the road. Two of them fit perfectly, and the others can probably be adjusted. My dh painted it to match the wall, and it looks great. You know the saying, "One man's trash is another man's treasure."

Well, that is all, folks. I have some homeschooling posts floating around in my brain. Hopefully, I will get one of them up this weekend. It seems like I have been ignoring homeschooling lately on this blog. It really is still happening, and I look forward to getting back to posting about it.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. I love love love all the new to you stuff!!! So nice. The vanity is wonderful for a princess! Love that you thought to dye the fabric. I have never tried it...but may try it now! We use curtians on our closets too. The rooms are small so a curtian provides more space.

  2. Awesome job! I love what you have done. I would love to do a makeover, but that it totally out of my creative zone at all! I am enjoying yours though.