Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up ~ Snow and Colds

From the Heart

I am thinking, thinking, thinking about kindness and helpfulness among siblings. I found out that the Duggar shows can be watched on YouTube (we don't have cable). I have gone a bit "Duggar crazy" this past week. The thing that really stands out to me with the Duggars is the way the siblings help each other and are so kind to each other in words and actions. I look around me and see room for improvement in my own home. I have a few plans to put into action to start us on a better path.

On the Homefront

Hurray, we got to stay home a lot more this week than last. However, illness struck early on and is slowly moving through the family. We have kept the house afloat but not a whole lot more. We got 8 inches of snow last night so the kids are having a blast. I think they were outside for the first time today at around 8 am. And now we have power outages!!  Hurray!

In the Schoolroom

I adapted our lessons mid-week when it became obvious that we were going to be under the weather. We did lots of snuggling and reading of library books and made a good dent in our teatime book, The Railway Children. Tom Sawyer is really hoping that we are on the mend and back to our normal routine by Monday. I think I heard, "I'm bored" or "When is science or art?"  from him at least 50 times on Friday alone. Tom Sawyer has now memorized four little songs on the piano and read his first chapter book! At least they got lots of P.E. in the snow today.

In the Way of Parenting

So back to my obsession with the Duggars and how to bring more kindness and teamwork into my home. I am starting with words. When a child does something for another child, the child who was shown a kindness is to say "thank you" (no matter how small the kindness). The child who received the thank you is to say "my pleasure". We are on day two of this and so far it is almost 100% prompted by me, but I see happiness in their faces over the thank you's. It is always nice to feel appreciated. We will see how this goes.

Secondly, the extra nurturing with Miss Goldilocks seems to be holding her much more steady. She usually goes downhill real quickly when I am sick (even with a simple cold). She does not like to see any weakness in her Mommy, and it make her behavior go out the window. This week she has stayed the course of "pretty good" behavior.  Hurray!!

As a Wife

It was a nice week with hubby getting home from work on time most days. We are looking forward to our once a month date night next week. I need to start thinking about where to go. This time, it's my turn to plan the evening. We so often go out to dinner followed by drooling at the local bookstore. I would like to do something different this time. Maybe bowling or ????? Anyone have any ideas for somewhat cheap and fun dates?

Family Time

Lots of snuggling and watching the Duggars together this week. Do you see a theme here? LOL! We did brave the great outdoors today to have some fun sledding and making ice/snow forts. 

Charades has become an absolute favorite game around here. My kids' creativity is amazing! They really think up some clever things to do. They are also getting so good at UNO that they are beating my husband and myself on a regular basis!

Blessings, Dawn


  1. I understand the Duggar obsession. I spend a good bit of December watching their show. I love how it shows that the children act like children...not just mini adults. It is so encouraging to me.

    You "sound" like you are feeling a little better today. I pray it is so.

    Stay warm,


  2. Love the Railway Children books. Good family read. I too love to learn from the Duggars. I like the way you started with such a small thing...thank you...and my pleasure.

    We have snow too. And illness this week. Amazing how both have slowed us down and made for more good family time.

  3. Kudos to Goldilocks for hanging in there when you were sick.

    I like the "my pleasure" comment after "Thank you"s I will have to adopt that too.

    Your pics are great. Is that your dh?

    Thanks for posting your wrapup and keeping us up on you and your family. I will say a prayer for healing right now!


  4. It sounds like you had a good week, all things considered. I'm happy to hear that Goldilocks is continuing to do well. I can't believe how much snow you're getting this winter; we didn't get any of it. The kiddos are so disappointed!

    I didn't know that the Duggars programs can be seen on YouTube. I really miss that show since we dropped cable and now I can watch it. I love it when my children watch it, too, because I point out how the children treat each other. It sounds like you're doing a great job with teaching your children!

    Hope you all feel better soon!


  5. Snow and more snow seems to be whats going on here too! I am honestly quite tired of it and trying to just overlook it. I am so not used to this kind of weather!

    I love The Railway Children! Did you know that there is a video too. We saw it first on PBS several years ago and then last summer I checked it out from our library. The kids loved it and so did the husband. Such a beautifully wholesome story :-)!

    Yes, I've also watched the Duggar family on youtube and am so impressed with their devotion to one another. I honestly think it's due to their consistent devotion to God and one another as husband and wife. I wish we could achieve this type of unity in our family and desire it so much for my children.

    Looks like you're dealing with the snow better than me :-)!

    Have a great week and blessings, Julie

  6. www.thepiratemom.comFebruary 2, 2010 at 3:55 AM

    What a fun meme!

    Now, let's dates? Hmmmm....dinner and coffee and browsing at a book store. That's what we usually do too!


  7. I hope everyone is on the mend now. Sickness is nasty, but snuggling days are fun. : )

    Glad you have seen victories for Goldilocks! Always brings joy to a mom's heart.

    Have a great week.


  8. We are working on kindness around here too. I look forward to hearing more about what you are doing.

    Could you and dh have a game night together? Some coffee shops have games (at least they do here) and that looks like a fun way to spend some time.