Saturday, January 23, 2010

Weekly Wrap-up ~ January 23

From the Heart

I am thinking about what more our family can do for Haiti. It is just crushing to know the horrors that are happening to the people there. Additionally, Goldilocks' doctor wants her to start a medication that I am really not thrilled about. I understand his reasoning, but I don't like the possible side effects. I guess we will reluctantly give it a trial run. 

On the Homefront

It doesn't seem like I was home much this past week. I think we drove about 160 miles this past week with 89 miles being on one day. I really want to get control of the doctor/therapy appointments so that there is only one or two a week. Weeks like this past one makes that desire seem impossible. However, I did manage to stay on top of the laundry, bathrooms and kitchen. The kids are doing a great job keeping their rooms up. I am surprising them with nickels some days if their rooms are really clean, but the catch is that they don't know what day they may get surprised with a nickel.

In the Schoolroom

Even though we were not home much this week, we made it through 90% of our lessons. The only subject that was not touched was art. Our books and the lesson plans I had prepared on Botticelli are missing. Go figure! I have started teaching all three little ones the piano. Tom Sawyer likes it the best and has been learning a little bit here and there from me for a year or so. The girls are not so sure about it but sit through my very short lessons. We are starting the Middle Ages and I am really excited about some of the projects I have planned. Much to my surprise, all of the kids are really enjoying Latin and are starting to retain vocabulary. 

In the Way of Parenting

I am trying to work very hard on the nurturing piece of parenting with my Goldilocks. With her special issues (RAD/FASD), she often really resists being nurtured. I am afraid I have developed a habit of not being very affectionate toward her since it makes her uncomfortable. However, the last 2 months her behavior has slid further and further downhill. One morning recently, I woke up convicted that what I needed to do was gently but forcefully bring the nurturing piece to the forefront of my parenting. So for the last week, each morning I have taken 20 to 40 minutes to have one-on-one time with her. I try to paint her nails, rub her back, put lotion on her hands, clip her toenails (whatever she will let me do peacefully). She has made a drastic shift in attitude. I hope this will prove to be the next piece to the puzzle in helping her heal.

As a Wife

I have had to bite my tongue this week about my husband working late every night. I know his promotion is a blessing and that his work ethic is what got him there, but I am really struggling with the change in our routine. Hopefully, he will have the job down and organized in the next few weeks. They are terribly understaffed in this new department so it may take some time. We are making the most of our weekends together as a family and wife/husband.

Family Time

We went to an inflatable indoor playground this weekend, since it has drizzled both days. Everyone had a great time. Daddy really got into it. We are also adding in a game night each week. We played charades this week. The kids really loved playing this game for the first time and were very creative.

 Can you see my husband underneath the children?

Blessings, Dawn



  1. Dawn,

    You really balance everything so incredibly. What you do, just in your creative teaching with your special needs children (even without "special needs", what you do is phenomenal) - add into that taking them to all these appointments for therapy and the such. And you kept on top of the kitchen, the bathroom, and checked on the kids bedrooms - you do better than a whole lot of us without half of the weight you carry.

    You make sure there is a special game night, give one of your children special time that is needed for nurturing, and have outings for special events. I'm sorry if I repeat it so often, but you amaze me.

    God bless you, Dawn,


  2. I am glad that you decided to join us. That sounds like neat time you've figured out to help Goldilocks. I am still trying to figure out how to make special time for my little boy. He really craves one-on-one with me, but I find it so hard! It is my problem and I must figure it out. Playing with the kids is one of the hardest things for me to do!

    I hope your therapies can be narrowed down to once a week soon and that your dh can come home earlier. I know that is hard on you.

    I hope that the new medicine is helpful and not harmful... stand up for what is right if it isn't helping more than it is making things worse!



  3. Hi Dawn!

    I am praying that God will continue to give you wisdom in your decisions, and that He will give you Christ's strength and endurance for this race that you are running! It sounds like you are doing a GREAT job, mom!!!


    Lori (aka Plans4You)

    PS: I'm having a giveaway contest over at my blog, please feel free to join! Stop on over!

  4. Ohhh you all looked like you were having so much fun ! I do look forward to our coastal trip b/c we go do field trips which we don't get to do otherwise. We live in a small town and are limited to pretty much the pool and maybe rock climbing. Other than that we have the GREAT outdoors. [0=

    You amaze me with all you do with your family. I pray strength and persistance and peace in all you do. Blessings and ((HUGS))

    In Him<><


    PS: I am soooooooo happy you joined in WWU ! Welcome !!

  5. LOL; looks like fun. My dh works late most nights...