Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Day in the Life ~ March Edition

Oops!  I missed February's Day in the Life.  I thought I better get in this month's Day in the Life post even though we are supposed to be on school break.  I build in a two week break at the end of each nine weeks of school.  However, I did not feel like we needed the whole two weeks this go around.  In fact, I think that the kids need more structure at the moment, instead of less.  So, I haven't told the kids we are on break.  I just gave myself permission to make our days light and fun.  I'm not going to worry about getting to all of our lessons.  I am not worried if we get to math or writing or spelling every day of this week (if at all).  I will not be recording this week in our formal school records.  Learning is happening all of the time, even when the records don't reflect it.  Here is the flow of our day without exact times.
  • The morning began with the watching of our library movie, "How To Train Your Dragon".
  • Then we put on music and mopped most of the house and cleaned both bathrooms.
  • We packed 42 pounds of textbooks for Africa.  These were books that I had gotten off of Freecycle and decided that I did not want.  They will be well used by this charity.  The kids addressed the box and figured out how much it would cost to ship media mail.

  • The kids played with Lego's and made cartoons. 
  • We made "snow" with our ice crusher.
  • We made sugar snow with maple syrup like they did in The Little House in The Big Woods.  It was really sweet.  I think I found the perfect snow cone for this summer!

  • What with melting sugar "snow", we mopped again!
  • We ate lunch and listened to another chapter in The Little House in The Big Woods.
  • We took Timothy to school.  He is going to a special college program three afternoons a week for students with traumatic brain injuries.  So far, this appears to be a real blessing and Timothy is enjoying it.
  • We went to the bank and post office.
  • The kids and I worked on our charity project for next week.  We will be on a "staycation" with Dad next week, so I wanted to get this done in advance.  We tied bows and shamrocks on bars of Irish soap and green gum for clients at Meals on Wheels.
  • We worked on our Lent Board and prayed for Apollo XIV.  He is having major heart surgery tomorrow.
  • The kids worked hard on their Lego vehicles.  They are entering a contest in the Lego magazine.
  • After dinner the kids had a great time running around in the yard.
  • We finished the evening with Monopoly.  We never finish a game in one go.  We set the timer for about 1 hour and then we pack up our money and properties in Ziploc bags so we can play again another day.  This way it takes us about 2 months to finish a game!

Blessings, Dawn


  1. Is that a LOTR monopoloy? How fun!! I just found a LOTR game at Target but I didn't have the money to get it. TL and I love LOTR. He's taking a class with Currclick LIVE on Two Towers and loving it.

    Enjoy your easy days!! I wanted to do some but with our recent trip to Iowa, we lost too much school time to relax much!

  2. My goodness, such a busy day you had. My kids loved the Little House books and years ago we listened to all of them on CD too. Your children are growing so quickly. Hope you have a great 'non-break' week. :)

  3. Can I just say that I'm amazed at all that you got done on an "off" day!!! Looks like great fun!