Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Greenville Zoo

Last weekend we visited the Greenville Zoo.  We are enjoying our AZA pass that gets us into many zoos for free. We took my Mother along and had a wonderful day. This is a small zoo with only 14 acres. It met my qualifications for being a "true" zoo by having two giraffes. I just don't think it is a zoo without a giraffe. LOL

I thought this zoo was laid out in a nice, walkable loop. The cages were nice but really small. My nature loving oldest son (Timothy) was pleased to see that many of the animals had enrichment toys in their cages. (He works at our nature center and spends a lot of time handing out enrichment toys to the resident animals). Most of the animals seemed content. They were either sleeping or playing.

The kids really loved the statues along the path, and there were lots of shaded areas to get out of the heat (if you were visiting in warmer months).

There was also a free park and playground right outside of the zoo. It was a really cool playground with unique climbing structures and riding toys. Our kids loved the skateboard play structure (seen in the final photo) that zipped the kids back and forth while they balanced on a skateboard. They were happy to stand in line to go on it.

The cons of this zoo was that the elephant seemed very agitated. I have never seen such an upset elephant! We passed her twice over the two hours, and she was distressed both times. I am not sure what that was about, but Timothy said she was showing signs of extreme boredom or anxiety. She did have one of the smallest cages I have ever seen for an elephant. Also, the gift shop had almost nothing under $6 worth looking at.
Update ~ Thank you for all of your prayers during my colonoscopy! It was much easier than expected, and the doctor found everything to be healthy and normal! I asked for only a child's dose of sedation since that is the part I most feared. Having given birth without medications, this was a piece of cake!

Blessings, Dawn


  1. So glad to hear about the results of your test! The zoo looks like fun. What kind of pass do you have? I should look into that. The annal membership for the Philly zoo for my family is now $200. It is getting to where many are really no longer able to afford it.

  2. Looks like a lovely zoo. I hope the zoo keepers are doing something for the elephant. I hate seeing animals in distress:( Thanks for linking up to the Home school Field trip hop

  3. The zoos in Texas have lots of giraffes and happy elephants. Too bad that one was agitated. On one visit to the San Antonio Zoo we got to see a baby giraffe. Then in Hawaii I wrapped my arms around the baby elephant and wanted to take him home. (I was 3.) Glad you all had a great day.

  4. Glad your test went well. I guess that is just part of being the age we are. I have family history too and I am expecting to have to do my first colonoscopy this year.

    That skateboard thing looks like a ton of fun! I've never seen such a thing.

    So glad y'all were able to go to the zoo. Giraffes are one of our favorites!
    Now that I think about it, the last three visits to our zoo, our elephant has not been on exhibit. I know her elephant friend and exhibit-mate died several months ago so maybe she is in mourning or something. hmmmm.....

    Enjoy your break!!!!

  5. I'm so glad your test results came back okay...huge answer to prayer!

    Our local zoo is not really the best, but the kids still enjoy going from time to time.

  6. We haven't been to the Greenville Zoo in awhile. I will have to check in on the elephant.