Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Wrap-Up ~ Lots of Fun With Literature

This week was a light homeschool week.  We did lots of fun and messy projects, as well as exploring two different books.

1) I am re-reading Laying Down the Rails.  We are working as a family to replace some bad habits with better ones.  This book is filled with real life examples and Charlotte Mason stories to help get kids on the right path.  I look forward to seeing some progress over the next few weeks.  This has been my favorite resource this week.

2) We dyed Easter eggs and decorated our mantle for Spring.  I am ready for Spring to arrive.  This almost-Winter with little snow (but endless wind) is getting old.

3) We are having a wonderful time with our Little House in the Big Woods unit study.  This week we made sugar snow and went on a field trip to a general store.  We wrote down a long list of things that could be found in a general store in 1871 and then set out to explore our more modern Mast General Store.  We took our list and went on a scavenger hunt.  We managed to find almost everything on our list, but we didn't find a corset!  LOL!  I let the kids count toy guns as guns, and many of the items were found in their antique display area (these items were not for sale).  At the end, I allowed each child to pick one piece of gum or candy.  The girls got a gum ball, Tom Sawyer got a miniature Hershey bar (the only remotely safe thing for his diet), and I bought a pack of Teaberry gum.  They even had a little corner in the store with an old-fashioned post office.  The girls played post office for a minute or two.

4) Over the last two weeks, we also rowed Truman's Aunt Farm.  This was such a cute story and a wonderful introduction to homophones (aunt, ant).  To go along with this book, the kids are working on a research project about ants.  They are entering the Festival of Knowledge at our local nature center this weekend with their ant project.  It should be lots of fun.

We are gearing up for a "staycation" next week.  We hope to go to a nearby zoo and maybe the Thomas Wolfe home.  Also, due to family history, I have to have a colonoscopy on Wednesday.  I would appreciate your prayers.  I am afraid of the entire process.  I really have had no medical issues in my adulthood and have limited experience with poking and prodding. 

I am joining homegrown learners , Favorite Resources, and Read, Explore, Learn.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. I like your week! I am off to investigate Laying Down The Rails right now!

    Thank you!

  2. Love the ant project- very cool! The general store looks so fun!! Stopping by from Collage Friday!

  3. The ant project looks great! And, enjoy your stay-cation!

  4. Wow! Lots of fun learning in your week :) I like the pictures of the general store you visited. We recently finished the Little House series, and we're now watching the TV series on DVD.
    Laying Down The Rails sounds like an interesting book. Thanks for linking up with Favorite Resources.
    Enjoy your staycation, and I hope all goes well with the colonoscopy!

  5. Praying for your test this week. Have a wonderful time on our Staycation!!

    We're hoping to go to San Diego for the homeschooling conference in MAy. I hope to do the zoo and maybe Legoland.

  6. Love the general store! We wanted to make sugar snow this year too, but we have had so little snow that every time it snowed, before I got in gear to go buy real maple syrup, the snow mostly melted. I think at this point we'll have to put it on our agenda for next winter!

  7. Praying for you today...


  8. Looks like such a fun week! Its been ages since I've been in the Mast General Store. What a fun tie in to do a scavenger hunt in the store! You are such a fun mom!!!

    Praying for you friend as you go in for the test. Praying that your stay cation is tons of fun too!!!