Friday, March 2, 2012

Wrap-Up Friday ~ Loving Homeschooling!

What a week!  In just one week we had Leap day 2012, Dr. Seuss and Read Across America Day, and lots of wonderful hands-on learning.

1)  We are loosely using the Prairie Primer for our study of Little House in The Big Woods.  This week we made homemade butter and grain-free Irish soda bread.

2)  We had a few hours to kill in a neighborhood we rarely visit.  The kids love a toy store in this area which always has something fantastic to do in their courtyard.  The kids spent at least an hour playing chess on this huge chess board.  I really should learn how to play, since all four of my kids now know at least the basics.  The boys played a good match with some complicated moves.

3)  We had a Dr. Seuss party with a few friends.  It was lots of fun. All of the children dressed up a bit wacky.  We ate green eggs and ham, grain-free cupcakes, and strawberry/banana "cat hat sticks".  Then we did a few Dr. Seuss worksheets.  Everyone took turns reading Dr. Seuss books and then we played the game, "Horton Hears a Who". 

4)  We were greeted with a shower coming through the ceiling recently.  It turns out some kind of rodent ate a rubber something or other in our plumbing.  In addition, our contractor discovered that our ceiling was about to come down because someone did a bad renovation sometime in the last 30 years.  The end result is that we are getting a new kitchen ceiling and new bathtub plumbing. We are also going to go ahead and refinish the bathtub while we are at it.  Good-bye, tax refund!  For now, I have a big old hole in my kitchen.

You would think that was enough for one week.  However, there is more!  We attended our homeschool science fair last week.  Now we are preparing for the Festival of Knowledge sponsored by the state but held at our local nature center.  The kids are working together to do a project on ants.  We are also trying to get back into nature studies and had a lovely one at the lake this week.  Well, that is the highlights.  We are still loving Teaching Textbooks for Math.  I can't believe I waited so long to spend the money.

I am joining homegrown learners and weird, unsocialized homeschoolers for Friday wrap up.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. What a fun party! That is crazy about the hole in your ceiling! I can't imagine what you thought when that happened. My daughter also used Teaching Textbooks and love it.

  2. I love that chess board!

    You sound busy - and doing pretty well for someone with home repairs going on in the middle of it all, too!

  3. Do you think the Prairie Primer is worth the price? Are you really enjoying it? I WANT that huge chess set. Wouldn't that be so much fun on a patio?
    You sound like you are going to have some really fun learning adventures in the future, too.

  4. Sounds like a great week despite the hole in your ceiling! What a fun party, and that chess set is too cool:)

  5. What a super fun week!! Sounds like a ton of fun, love the huge chess set!! so sorry about your kitchen!! That's awful!!

  6. I know how to play chess, but I am terrible at it so I don't often play. They have one another to play with, thankfully, and their Dad enjoys a good game. We did get a teaching chess set many years back that has little directions on the base of each piece to tell you what direction and how many spaces each piece can move. It is so good for beginners or those who don't play often.

    So sorry about your bath and ceiling! Maybe its a blessing in disguise that the problem was found before it became something much worse?

    You guys sound happily busy. What fun things you've had going on in your litltle school.

  7. hi Dawn,

    thanks for stopping by my blog.

    The Dr Seuss party sounds like fun. We checked out a bunch of books from our library and spend the day reading them. We even watched some read out loud from youtube... so cool... there are so many people reading out loud on youtube. You can find many different books there.

  8. So many great ideas! I especially like the Dr. Seuss party and the pictures from that.

    It's too bad about the ceiling.