Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Warm Day

Yes, you see right!  The temperature reached 72 degrees today, and of course, that means break out the sprinkler, right?  According to two of my little ones, that is plenty warm enough.  I honestly didn't think that they would stick with it, since the water in the hose was very cold.  After all, we had a high of 49 degrees earlier this week.  They stuck with it for about 30 minutes, though. 

Little Red Ridinghood did not think it was a grand idea to get wet. Nonetheless, we all enjoyed the sunshine. 

Notice my wet son wearing a T-shirt that says Future President.  Tee Hee  Hmmm ... could he be our future president?  I asked him what he would do if he were president.  His reply ~ "I would bring peace to the earth and everyone would get along and be happy."  And how would you do that son?  Reply ~ "Easy, Mom, I would make a giant house of candy and everyone would sit down and do art lessons and eat lots of candy and remember that God wants us to love each other."  Aha ... If only it was that easy!

Blessings, Dawn


  1. Cute pictures! We had really nice weather today too, but mine didn't ask for the sprinkler...thank goodness.

  2. Yes...if it were only that easy! Too cute.


  3. I love your son's answer...sounds great to me! LOL was in the 70's here yesterday, too...and my children were all whining that it was hot. I think they have lost their minds (but definitely their memories, if they don't remember the heat of last summer!)

  4. Hmm, we are getting more snow!

    I can't wait for spring.


  5. oh to be young again and to be able to stand the cold water. It looked like they had fun. It was close to 80 here.

    Sounds like your son would make and awesome President. :)

  6. wow, sprinklers already....looks like a fun day. I read your post also about your fire drills and your school day. It looked wonderful. I will have to play your game with the coins with my children, I have been thinking it was time to start working on money with my daughter.


  7. Looks nice; it's still colder here.