Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What Happens When You Get Just One Ball Stuck in a Tree ...

Well, my kids did it again.  First they got one of those big exercise balls stuck in our huge magnolia tree.  Of course, the most logical way to get it down is to throw more balls at the first ball, right?  Before all was said and done, they had two large exercise balls and one pink soccer ball struck in the tree.  (You can barely see the red ball in the lower right corner from the blue ball.)

Luckily, we ran out of balls about the time that Dad came to the rescue, so they had to think up something else.  How about a long pole and ladder?  Now there is a good use of your noggin.

Hurray!  The return to earth of ball one.  You can see the red ball still trapped up there.  The wind finally blew it down.  LOL!

My 4 year old came to get me so I could take photos!  She said it was a blogging moment, and I would want to put it on my blog.  LOL  Now there is a girl after my own heart!

Back to the "how high can you throw the ball" game.  Perhaps they learned to play a little farther away from the tree, but I wouldn't count on it.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. This same thing happened at a potluck my husband and I went to when he was in college.....only with grown men trying to get the balls down by throwing other balls. In the end I think there were 4 that got stuck that nobody could get :P

    Life's fun isn't it?


  2. Too funny! I really needed a laugh and you provided it tonight.


  3. We had this problem all the time growing up!



  4. Hee he. This was a fun post to read. And your dd thinking of it being a blogging moment. Sounds like one of my kids. lol Isn't life fun with hs and blogging. What a great mix. [0;

    Sending blessings and ((hugs)) my SSiC<><

  5. I love reading your entries...they always brighten my day in some way whether it be by making me smile or laugh or giving me encouragement and new ideas to try! Have a blessed day in the Lord.



  6. OOhh, a magnolia tree and a white picket fence.....

    two of my favorite things!

    Glad you got the balls back. Aren't balls one of the greatest inventions ever?! Hours of fun right there.

  7. blessedwith2angelsMarch 6, 2008 at 10:20 AM

    That is to funny-- a blogging moment. My son does that to me, "You need to get a picture of this for Show and Tell." Good luck on getting the kids to play away from the tree.


  8. my own kids have fed many a tree and our huge redtips more balls, planes, and other misc. objects including 2 hula hoops, than I can remember. I can so relate. Glad someone documented this strange childhood phenomenon. LOL

  9. What a neat rescue mission!

    Feel up for a tag? If so, come on over and check out the details. No obligations, of course....but it's pretty painless. =)

  10. LOL; I have the kids saying "that was bloggable"! :-))

  11. All I kept thinking about while reading this entry was about this Veggie Tales song:

    We also sing "Oh Where is My Hairbrush" every morning, but we are weird like that!