Thursday, March 13, 2008

We are home!

I know you didn't know we were gone, but we were.  We went on a wonderful vacation to Montgomery, Alabama.  It was great!!  But it is wonderful to be home.  I will be posting several installments of our vacation with lots of pics over the next few days but now for the only downfall.  PUBLIC TOILETS!!  Why is it so hard to keep them clean and tidy?!  On the way down we stopped at a park.  Unfortunately, the public restrooms were closed.  However, my husband saw a portable potty across the way.  This was my children's first experience with this type of toilet and my 4 year old was not impressed! Then there was the very clean toilet in the Rosa Parks Museum that flushed while my 4 year old was still on it!  She was terrified and ran out of the bathroom with her undies around her ankles!  Then there was the toilet in the Archives Museum that must have been 80 years old and burped when you flushed it.  LOL  My 7 year old "had to go" several times so that she could hear it burp.  But the worst was the trip home.  The toilet at the Chevron in GA was the most disgusting bathroom I have seen in 20 years.  There was grease all over the floor, and it was a challenge to stand up -- let along figure out how to go potty without touching anything.  I was thinking of you, Jimmie, and your public potty story a while back. 

However, I am very sure that this bathroom was much dirtier.  YUCK!  It really didn't matter that there was 320 miles to go.  I was done with public restrooms and waited to get home to my very own bathroom.

Well, if anyone is still reading, I promise that the next installments about our vacation will be filled with fun and bliss.  Also, I have to write about our Easter week unit study.  So hang in there, tons of fun to come.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. Ha ha! :-) Amazing, isn't it? You can blog about anything!

    Well, you know, I don't show the typical dirty toilets. It's just too disgusting for photograpy. Who wants to look at that.

    While in USA, we were traveling with some friends in their car. We needed to stop and use the restroom. The apologized so much for taking us to a gas station bathroom. We laughed! It was CLEAN compared to what we see even in department stores in China.

    Everything is relative, isn't it?

    I totally understand about those automatic flushing ones and little tots. Those used to scare my Sprite too!

  2. I'm gonna take a picture of our church outhouse just for you :) I know you are just eager with anticipation...hehehe

  3. I had to laugh out loud about the potties!

    My 4 yo was terrified of public potties for a whole year because the one at the library flushed while he was still "there." If he saw that black automatic part on it he'd just start to pout and plead.

    Yes, they can be such nasty things. And to imagine that men's rooms are often worse than ours!

    Glad you all are home safely!

    The museums sound really neat.

    Have a good weekend,


  4. The best public bathrooms along the interstate I have yet to find is Tennessee! I love to stop at every single one of them. My favorite is in a hidden valley on I40 at exit...oh no! I can't find it. I wonder if I threw that map atlas out...we had two. I think it was in the Apple Orchard Mountains (but I can't find that on the map) I think that was either between Nashville and Knoxville or Knoxville and Bristol. I hope we'll be going through there this summer. That is if my husband can keep from hyperventilating over the gas prices. I have a bathroom story to tell, I might go ahead and blog about it. ;) It is a hoot! At least it was at the time.



  5. When we used to travel over the road with my husband we came across the most dreadful restrooms in America. I'm just glad I'm a woman because my husband tells me that the mens' rooms are worse. That is a scary thought.