Friday, March 28, 2008

Our First Lapbook

We did the book, A Chair For My Mother by Vera Williams.  This is a very nice book about a family saving to buy mother a new chair after they lost everything in a fire.  We focused on two things this week from this book.  First, the kids learned the value of each coin and to identify them.  Everyday we counted out a pile of coins and played games, such as, "Give me 30 cents in 4 coins".  This was easier for some than others, but they all understand money much better.  We then put the change into a jar to save money for Dad's Father's Day gift.  We will continue this lesson over the next weeks.  Hopefully, they will understand coins very well by the end.

Secondly, we did many activities around fire safety.  We developed an escape plan, learned how to "Stop, Drop and Roll", did many fire drills from all parts of the house (crawling, of course) and meeting at the large magnolia tree, and going over fire safety rules.  We also practiced what to do if one is trapped in a room.  The kids did a great job of testing the door and then stuffing clothes in the cracks to keep the smoke out.  They did freak out a neighbor when they called out their window, "FIRE"!  Luckily, I was standing right there and able to say we were doing a fire drill.  LOL!

Lastly, we did our first Lapbook, and I am pleased with how much of the work they did themselves on it.  

Blessings, Dawn


  1. Wow, what a great idea to do the fire safety things! And that's your first lapbook experience? You did a great job! We like to lapbook, too. :-)

  2. My kids are really enjoying doing lapbooks. I wish I had known about these when they were younger. Love the lesson plan. Great ideas all around.

  3. I like the fire safety theme! Good on you for drilling your kids (and self) on that! Great lapbook, too. I need to utilize those, because they look tremendous for cementing information.

    RYC: Our neighbors appear to indulge their children. A lot. When one was in soccer, they turned their entire yard (it's expansive) into a soccer field and had practices for the team at their house. Now, one or two are involved in tennis, so they built a tennis court a few months ago. The girls must have expressed a desire to play at night; thus, the floodlights. I have to wonder if the parents gave any guidelines for times of use. Possibly even the parents didn't consider that any neighbors would be affected.

  4. Very cool! We love lapbooking.

    By the way, you won my contest! Hop over to my blog when you get a minute for instructions. Thanks for playing!

  5. Very nice lapbooks!

    Tehehehe....sorry about that practical joke. Couldn't resist. I've been going around and saying good-bye to everyone. Lol, April is my daughters' and my birthday month which we have always started celebrating on April 1st!

    Peace & laughter!


  6. The lapbook looks great! We just got into doing that this year. It's fun!