Thursday, December 9, 2010


I am struggling with where to blog right now.  I really like the community of homeschoolblogger.  However, I am having so much trouble loading pages, commenting on friends, and figuring out issues.  So after much prayer, I am going to try out blogger for a month or so and decide where I am meant to be.  Please come visit me at

And please leave me a comment and let me know if blogger works for you.




  1. Dawn, of course, I want everyone to come to Wordpress--that would be easiest for me! (smile) However, take a look at Sally's, and she explains how you might import one to another and make the transition smoother.
    If I'm wrong on the address, try her HSB blog at diamondsintherough.

    I will keep up, even with the few extra steps, my friend. God bless.

  2. Hey friend,
    I'm in the same spot - also trying out blogger now. If you figure out how to move stuff from here to there, I would LOVE to know how. Off to check off your new blog.

    Here is mine.


  3. Oh Dawn - I have been discouraged too! I don't have a lot of extra time and I feel sometimes like I am "fixing" problems more than I am posting! I think everything is back to working properly now and any blog host can have server issues and breakdowns so although I have been frustrated, I am still here at HSB plugging away. I do have a Wordpress blog as well (Mission Possible ~ Homeschooling High School) and although I have had less issues than HSB, I do not get the readership and it is too hard to "connect" with homeschoolers - no google friends etc. so Blogger would be easier for you in my opinion, if you do decide to leave HSB. Keep in touch!

  4. I understand the trouble with this also. I feel out of my element trying to figure out issues here. I get so much spam mail everytime I post something here. I love the community of homeschoolers that you meet here that I haven't found with blogger. I have my main blog with blogger and just cut and paste what I do with blogger over here. I just can't let the homeschool blogger go just yet. I still get frusterated doing the cut and paste. I meet so many friendly people here. I will check out your new one. Here is mine with blogger

  5. I'm right there with you! Haven't been posting as often as I don't have time to figure things out. Had hoped the upgrade would make it easier!

    Janet (home for good)

  6. I can relate, too, Dawn. I reluctantly left HSB a couple of years ago after getting frustrated with some of the issues they were having. I loved being there with the other homeschoolers and my original intention was to maintain both blogs. However, Blogger proved to be so much easier that I've just stayed here. I still miss my friends at HSB and don't check in on them nearly as often as I'd like to, but I need to keep things simple.