Sunday, December 26, 2010

White Christmas ...

This post is heavy on pictures, since it is for the Grandparents.  We were teased all week by the weatherman.  We kept hearing that snow was in the forecast for Christmas Day, but we never heard how much snow would accumulate, so I ignored them. Well, we got 6 inches!!  This is the first white Christmas for most everyone in my family, the first here in our little city since 1969, and we are enjoying it!  We spent the morning oohing over the many gifts that family and friends had sent and running to the window and ahhing over the snow falling outside.

The girls each got an American Girl doll that they have been wanting for years.  It was the only gift we (the parents) gave the girls, and then one set of Grandparents sent extra historic clothes for each doll.  The other set of Grandparents sent an American Girl doll horse for each girl and the American Girl "Itty Bitty" baby.  To say the girls' eyes were popping would be an understatement.

Tom Sawyer, the Lego maniac, got lots of Legos!  He was in heaven and spent the whole day building.

Timothy got a new mask for fencing and a saber.  He is excited about moving into saber classes, in addition to advanced fencing in January.  He also appreciated the stack of new books.

Grandma gave all the children Wedgits!  Oh boy, are these fun!  I can see many hours of play ahead with these.  I love toys that everyone can play with (even the adults). 

The afternoon was spent sledding--spending Christmas afternoon sledding--who would have imagined.  I actually felt like I was in New England for a little while.  Even Grandma got on a sled and had fun.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!  We are enjoying our blessings here.



  1. Not sure where you got 69, but the last white xmas here was in 81 when I was 11, I remember it, maybe 69 was the year with the most until this one? Not sure. Anyway hope you are able to make it to Raliegh, talk with you soon.

  2. We got snow too. It sure has been fun. The Wedgits look like a lot of fun.

  3. We bought our sleds, snow pants and Under Armour...that means we won't actually get measureable snow no matter what the predictions are! Glad you all got to have fun! We had 60" total last year. The first blizzard hit the week before Christmas so it definitely seemed like a white Christmas then!

  4. Sounds wonderful!
    Great gifts for the kiddos. We love our Wedgits!

  5. Great pictures! I'm enjoying your new blog.
    Jenny in Alaska