Thursday, December 23, 2010

Goldilocks Sings

Goldilocks participated in her homeschool choir Christmas concert recently. She was nervous and has been a bit resistant to choir so far this year. She thinks it is really hard to learn the music and sing for one hour at a time.  She also does not like taking the class without her siblings. However, she practiced her music at home, and as the weeks went by, her sweet alto voice could be heard singing bits and pieces of the songs. Her choir teacher is a wonderful homeschool mom who does an excellent job teaching the kids how to sing, and even sent recordings of the songs to our home via email.  The class is a tight knit group of kids and all are really sweet to each other. Slowly, Goldilocks has started talking to other kids in her class and learning their names.  This is all good progress for a child who hides behind her siblings and waits for them to make friends that she can pretend are hers.

Her favorite song in the concert was a Hawaiian Christmas song.  They got to wear "grass skirts" made out of newspaper for this show. 

The concert was lovely.  The kids' voices were really nice and they are making so much progress.

She still would like to quit the choir, but her mean Mom will not let her.  This is too beneficial for her.  I know that someday she will appreciate this time.  In the meanwhile, she will make friends, learn to sing, learn to endure and work hard, and become more self-confident.


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  1. Mean ol' Mommy! :) That is wonderful that you found this for her, and that she is doing so well. She (and the rest of the kids) look adorable.