Wednesday, December 15, 2010

More Fun With Advent Books

The fun continues around here with our Advent books.  Sometimes I think I am a bit nuts trying to pull this off every year.  It takes about 8 hours of planning to come up with the projects, wrap the books and put them into order.  Then I have to stay on top of what is coming next, so I have the proper supplies on hand.  However, the kids and I so enjoy this special time together.  In addition, it really helps the kids forget about all that they want on Christmas Day and focus on celebrating every day.  Here are the highlights from this last week.

Making snowflakes after reading  Santa Comes to The Little House

Making a Rice Krispie village after reading The Baker's Dozen .

The biggest highlight was Grandma Sue reading The Steadfast Tin Solider. After hearing the story, they ate blueberry muffins with a surprise inside.

Yummy, muffins and a quarter.  What could be better?  By the way, I washed the quarters in hydrogen peroxide first. I can't believe our time of Advent is almost over for this year.  There is still some fun to come!



  1. Your snowflakes are beautiful. I've enjoyed your Advent posts.

  2. I love everything you did. The village is wonderful. The hidden coin would go over big at my house. Both books sound great.

    Thanks for linking to Read.Explore.Learn. I will be Stumbling this post.

  3. It may take you eight hours, but it is a timeless gift to the homeschooling community. I do hope that you're sharing this with a larger audience, like the Carnival of Homeschooling or the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival, if not an online magazine. I always enjoy reading through these, especially since I'm not feeling very "Christmas-y" just yet. So much going on. Hopefully I'll get there soon! God bless you, Dawn!


  4. You're doing such a great job celebrating with your kids. In about 10-20 years, it will dawn on your kids what time you put in for them. And they'll be forever grateful.

  5. Love all that you are doing! What a sweet blessing it is to your children!

    Hugs to you friend