Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A couple of fun days!

Well, we are really underway in our schooling for this year.  The little ones are loving science this week.  We are learning all about the water cycle, complete with a field trip to the local science museum.  We really had fun at the museum today.  There was a visiting exhibit of THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS and weather.  The kids loved going in and out of the bus, and sticking their arms in the hurricane and snowstorm tunnels.  The museum also had a great example of the water cycle.

We also have been blessed with two play dates with the little ones' friends plus a church party in the past three days.  One of the play dates was with our brand new neighbor and she is a real sweetie.  She is between Goldilocks (6) and Tom Sawyer (5), so she is the perfect age.

Also, the kids were working on their numbers today and Tom Sawyer identified all the numbers I asked him up to 75!  Woo hoo!! (So much of my goal for making sure he knew all the numbers up to 25!)  It is amazing how much they just pick up!

Well, I am sure I have rambled on enough for one evening.




  1. Sounds like a great start to your school year!


  2. Okay, #1 My son Nathan has "ADHD" and also doesn't process chemicals well, so we are the same as you on that one. We do mostly organic and home made foods without processing or chemicals.

    #2 Thanks for stoppin by my blog and for all you encouragement. I know we have never met, but to have someone who has stood where I am now, let me know that it is going to be okay, means alot.

    #3 That story was toooo funny!

  3. Sounds like a good school week! Thanks for your comment on my blog - I had to laugh about the boy/girl differences. I suppose my girls cover a lot of the spectrum - they are definitely the "kill the wicked dragon" type girls. Must come with having a cop for a dad :-)