Sunday, July 1, 2007

Counting Blessings Sunday # 4

This past week was very busy and productive.  We are almost complete with our latest weekend warrior project -- the dining room.

1) I am very thankful that my dining room floor is almost done!!!  My hard-working dh spent the whole weekend sanding and refinishing it!

2) I am SO thankful that we found Tomatis (an auditory processing therapy for children with Sensory Integration Dysfunction issues).  We are so blessed that this therapy, which is very hard to find, is right in our city and that it is helping our Tom Sawyer so much.  The changes in him are awe-inspiring.  Our big teen, who also has sensory issues, starts tomorrow.

3) I am thankful that the cylinder problem that our minivan was having was fully covered under the warranty and that they fixed the problem in less than an hour!

4) I am thankful for youth and energy.  I don't know how I would get through my busy days without them.

5) I am thankful that the dining room radiator is all done being painted.  Did I mention that I hate painting radiators?  It does look lovely and like new.

6) I am thankful for my dear children, who have been such good sports during this latest renovation about walking around the outside of the house every time they needed something from the kitchen, have eaten all of their meals outside with the dreaded bees, and have had to spend most of the weekend outside in the heat because of the nasty fumes from refinishing the floors.  They have done all this with very little complaint, although Goldilocks thought that since we have no dining room at the moment, maybe I should bring her breakfast in bed!

7)  I am thankful for my 1931 house.  Sometimes I rant and rave at it and it seems like the repairs and rehabbing will never end, but it really is a solid house.  As worker after worker has said, "The bones of your house are wonderful and solid."

Blessings and Peace to you in the coming week,



  1. My house was built in 1929. Most days I love it~ somedays I wish I could tear it down and start from scratch!

    And the big radiators! What a pain! Why is it that people who don't have them think they're so neat?! We got nice covers made for ours a few years back~ they're more practical that way.


  2. Counting our blessings is very good for the soul, isn't it.

    One of my blessings is having blog friends to remind me of all of my blessings! :)

  3. I just know they will be gorgeous, and you will be so pleased. I hear you about the fumes and bees, though. Sounds like the kiddos handled it well!

    Oh, and I'm almost done with laundry. ;o) Thanks for the good wishes.


  4. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. It is always nice to make a new online friend. The process of getting the children placed through the Dept. of Children and Families has been torturous to say the least. Ups and downs. Hopefully we will have great news for next week. Don't be a stranger now.