Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Kids and their stuff!

When will I ever learn?!  My home is filled with wonderful toys.  I try to stay away from twaddle and stick with educational toys, and there are so many wonderful ones out there to own.  I think I do a fair job of being choosy and not filling my home with so many toys that my kids get overwhelmed.  But what do my kids really play with?  Drum roll, please.  The most popular thing this week is ... a weathered board of plywood that is warped in the middle.  It has been a bridge, body size shield, a fort, a camp-out kitchen, and a see saw (they have a lovely, more expensive than I care to admit, see saw; but no, they like the warped board see saw).  This is the story of my life!  Last week it was three cardboard boxes and a pile of marking pens.  Oh -- what my kids can do with a roll of tape and a ball of string would amaze or scare you, depending on how neat you like your house to be.  Please don't get me wrong -- I am delighted that my kids are so creative and easy to please.  The question is -- when am I going to learn to stop buying the stuff?  Some of our toys are used daily, such as board games, balls, art supplies and Lego's, but the rest is used far less often.  (The exception is Little Red Ridinghood's (3) dolls.  She plays with her dolls all the time, but there are 16 of them.  No wonder she says she is going to have 23 babies when she grows up!)  Well, off I go to clean up and think about how to de-clutter again!  Wish me luck!




  1. That IS a hard lesson to learn in our affluent society that tells us our children NEED all this STUFF. And sadly, if we are not careful, we train them to think that they NEED all this STUFF! I have made that same mistake from time to time. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Now I'm thinking I should ease up on my kids. We live in a mobile home park and I can't have messes left anywhere and I think it has cut down on my boys creativity. They are looking forward to our big move in a few months, they will be free to roam.

    Keep up the good work.


  3. 23 babies....LOL

    Your home sounds wonderful.